Self-Care Checklist

Self-Care Checklist

Instructions: Check off the sentences that apply to your life.

I have good eating habits and maintain good nutrition.

I sleep six to eight hours each night/I am getting the sleep I need.

I follow a weekly exercise plan.

I am aware of my sugar and caffeine intake levels and how they affect me.

I am aware of alcohol and drug issues and how they may adversely affect my life.

I balance work and leisure activities.

I maintain regular physical and dental checkups.

I am aware of my "stress triggers" - people, situations, and topics.

I identify and express my feelings in a healthy, assertive manner.

I am aware of my daily and monthly "mood cycles".

I am aware of my daily productive times and unproductive times.

I am aware of my thinking patterns: negative thinking, positive thinking, all-or-nothing thinking, generalization, jumping to conclusions, should statements.

I spent daily time reviewing my strengths and my accomplishments.

I trust myself.

I recognize boundaries and maintain them with others.

I can say "no" to others.

I take time to laugh, express joy, play, and have fun with friends.

I take time for myself.

I use stress-reduction techniques regularly.

I have a good support system of family and/or friends.

I protect myself from abusive and destructive relationships.

I practice compassion and forgiveness for myself.

I take time to enjoy art, music, sports, nature, etc.

I have something to look forward to each night, or each weekend.

I try not to take on too much.

I try to resolve issues that are bothering me.

I go to counseling to help process my feelings and work through unresolved grief.

Psychological Counseling Services at California State University, Stanislaus offers free, confidential counseling to students. To make an appointment, call 667-3381 or come to the Center - MSR 210, Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.