Condom Comebacks

Condom Comebacks

What to say to your partner when they say:

"It spoils the mood."

  • We could always go to a movie.
  • It puts me in the moods.
  • So does your attitude.
  • Not if I help.

"You won't catch anything from me."

  • If you love me, respect my health.
  • Condoms protect. Love doesn't.
  • It's so sexy when a man cares.
  • I forgot to take the pill.

"It takes so long."

  • You'll be turning me on every second.
  • I love it when you take your time.
  • What's the rush?
  • I'll wait.

"Just this once."

  • Only kids make decisions like that.
  • I'm suddenly extremely sleepy.
  • It only takes once.
  • No way.

"It doesn't feel good."

  • When I feel safe, I go wild.
  • AIDS feels worse.
  • I'd feel better.
  • Just wait.

Taken from:

California AIDS Clearinghouse
Southern California: 1-800-922-2437
Northern California: 1-800-367-2437