Resuming Limited Face-To-Face Laboratory Courses, Studio Courses, and Other Discipline-Specific Hands-On Courses

The university will resume limited face-to-face classes when it is deemed safe to do so, as indicated by the California Department of Public Health and the Stanislaus County Health Services Agency. Resumption of on-campus activities will occur in accordance with guidance from the Chancellor’s Office. Public health restrictions will likely entail a significant reduction of classroom capacity when campus returns to face-to-face instruction. Budget constraints are likely to further limit the number of face-to-face courses that the university can offer with reduced student density. 

This document provides a plan for prioritizing the reopening of limited face-to-face courses for lab and studio instruction, and other similar on-campus courses (hereafter also referred to as lab/studio courses) that are conducted in rooms designed for such courses and for which classroom scheduling is typically limited to a given department or college. 

  1. Departments requesting the resumption of limited face-to-face lab/studio courses shall develop a rank order list of course priorities based on accreditation, certification, licensing requirements, and priorities of the discipline and curriculum. 
  2. For each of a limited number of the highest-priority courses, departments shall provide a plan for resuming face-to-face instruction that includes
    1. A justification for face-to-face instruction to meet learning outcomes
    2. A schedule of instruction that is consistent with the published course schedule
    3. A statement from the instructors that they are able and willing to resume face-to-face instruction 
    4. A description of equivalent alternative instruction for students who are unable to return to campus
    5. A plan for rapid reversion to virtual instruction, should it become necessary
    6. An estimate of the additional costs associated with the return to face-to-face instruction
    7. Number of course sections needed to meet need and total number of students
    8. Assurance that instruction will comply with safety guidance from the CDPH and the SCHSA
    9. Your preferred campus and classroom or learning space (please provide specific room numbers)
  3. The plan for each course shall be reviewed by the college Environmental Health and Safety Committee, or the university office of Safety and Risk Management
  4. With satisfactory review of the appropriate safety committee, the department chair shall consult with the college dean regarding the resumption of the lab/studio course in face-to-face mode.
  5. All proposals approved by the dean shall be sent to the provost and president for campus approval and subsequently sent to the Chancellor’s Office for final approval.

This document applies only to courses in academic year 2020-2021.

Prepared in consultation with the ad hoc Classroom Capacity Committee.
Finalize and distributed May 27, 2020.

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