July 16: Important Fall 2020 Updates

Dear Faculty, 

As I am sure you are aware, late in the spring semester President Junn created an infrastructure for planning for fall that includes 15 teams. The overarching umbrella is the Fall 2020 & Beyond Planning Committee. Another team within that planning structure is the Classroom Capacity & Enrollment Management Team comprised of faculty, staff and administrators. This team was charged with organizing and reviewing the face-to-face course exceptions our campus proposed for the fall semester. The plan was submitted to the Chancellor’s Office and we recently received notice that the plan was approved. A complete listing of approved courses can be found on the Fall 2020 Planning page

In addition to the work on the F2F exceptions, the Classroom Capacity Team in collaboration with the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity Team worked on three other documents of importance for faculty members: 

Working in Individual Faculty Offices
This document describes the requirements by which Stanislaus State faculty who choose to work in their university office may do so.  

Virtual Instruction from University Teaching Spaces
This document describes the requirements by which Stanislaus State faculty members who choose to provide virtual instruction from campus teaching spaces may do so. 

Resuming Limited Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity
This document provides a plan for prioritizing and implementing the resumption and/or intensification of limited non-curricular/non-instructional RSCA activities impacted by COVID-19 restrictions; it does not apply to the substantial amount of RSCA that has continued in full compliance with Stay at Home orders. 

We are ready to start utilizing these new documents. Faculty members should review them and talk with their deans if they have any questions. I would note that for faculty who plan to request to use classrooms to teach virtually this fall, it would be helpful to have your requests by July 31st to allow time for appropriate campus units (e.g., Facilities, Enrollment Services) to think about the scheduling, cleaning and sanitizing of those spaces. There is not a deadline for the other documents; faculty can utilize these as the need arises. 

Thank you for your continued efforts as we prepare for the fall semester. We are here to support you as we work together to make this a robust and engaging semester for our students.  


Kimberly Greer, Ph.D. 
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs