Instructional Continuity in the Event of a Campus Closure - March 4, 2020

Dear Faculty:

While there are currently no plans for a campus closure, it is important for all of us to begin thinking about how we might continue instruction should we become directly impacted by the coronavirus. Earlier this week, you received a series of questions that we hoped would serve as food for thought as we consider the levels at which we might be impacted by the coronavirus. We constructed a webpage to serve as the foundation for our efforts if there becomes a need to move instruction online for an undetermined period of time.

I encourage you to visit the new Instructional Continuity webpage housed on the Office of Academic Technology (OAT) site. Here you can find resources related to instructional support, moving courses online, live web conferencing, asynchronous instruction and more. In addition, you will find times and dates for a series of workshops and webinars related to instructional continuity in the event of a full or partial campus closure. These workshops are hosted in partnership with the Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

I hope you will find these resources helpful. As always, I encourage you to contact me directly at or Glenn Pillsbury at for one-on-one support or consultation.

Thank you, 

Dr. Jase Teoh
Director, Academic Technology