University Committee for External Public Art

Purpose of External Public Art

Art enhances the quality of life for all people and should be part of the daily life of the students, faculty and staff at California State University, Stanislaus as well as residents in the surrounding region. Outdoor public art should expand the academic mission of the University by contributing art works of distinction that are aesthetically interesting and/or thought provoking, accompanied by an interpretive program that makes the works accessible to people of all interest levels. All outdoor public art placed on campus should respect the diverse beliefs and values of the University community.

Committee Mission

The University Committee for External Public Art (UCEPA) seeks to enrich the cultural, intellectual and scholarly life of students, faculty, staff and visitors through outdoor public art by enhancing and complementing the physical and aesthetic environment of the campus, preserving and celebrating its history and heritage, and inspiring contemplation, reflection and dialogue.


The UCEPA will advance the aesthetic and physical environment by creating an integrated and varied use of outdoor public spaces that reflects the University’s teaching, research and service mission and acknowledges its heritage. 

Committee Charge
The University Committee for External Public Art (UCEPA) is advisory to the president of the 
University. UCEPA will assist the University in advancing the aesthetic and physical environment 
through integrated and varied use of art in external public spaces. UCEPA will:

•   Develop guidelines and protocols for submission of ideas and requests for the creation, 

donation, placement, relocation, and deaccession of art on external campus grounds.

•   Coordinate public art proposals among campus divisions (e.g., Division of University 
Advancement) and units (e.g., Department of Facilities Services).

•   Ensure appropriate consideration is given to an external art proposal’s quality, durability for 
proposed permanence, and cost of installation and maintenance.

•   Ensure appropriate consideration of a proposal’s impact to the surrounding area including 
traffic and safety to the public.
•   Maintain an inventory of external public art on campus.


For more information please contact:

Melodee Maffaei (Chair) or Neisha Rhodes