Major Initiatives

Student Success

At Stanislaus State, students come first. We are committed to supporting their success so that more students complete their programs and graduate, and so that they graduate with the quality skill set they need to succeed in the workforce.

This includes an emphasis on the basics so that our students develop strong communication and critical thinking skills.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to support student success by "adopting" a student. In its simplest form, this means connecting with the student and being there to listen in the course of the student's journey through the challenges of college.

Effective Writing Skills

Effective writing requires and enhances the ability of students to think critically, to research, to formulate arguments, and to persuade. It is a skill that benefits people both professionally and personally and opens the doors to success. The comprehension and expression that it entails forms the base of the liberal arts and sciences learning experience.

Increased attention is being given to working with students and providing them with resources to improve their writing skills. We are also building partnerships that support efforts to prepare K-12 students with the writing skills necessary to enter and then succeed in college.

Learn more about the GROW (Greatness Relies On Writing) Project

Engaging the Region

We must reach out to businesses, schools, local governments and community organizations and build partnerships to develop strategic priorities and solve regional problems in new and innovative ways. To do this, we need to identify our region's most critical needs, asking questions about which industries in our region are in the greatest need of educated workers, and what broadly applicable skills are most deficient in our region's workforce.

Campus Community Health and Safety

A conversation is underway with campus constituencies to frame a recommendation to President Sheley for an integrated campus community health and safety initiative. This initiative will focus on health and safety as a full campus community matter rather than separate concerns of students, faculty and staff.


Stanislaus State is committed to serving the needs of a student body that reflects the cultural and racial diversity of the region. This starts with college readiness partnerships with our regional K-12 schools and community colleges, and culminates in services to support their success once they enroll at Stanislaus State. This includes attention to supporting the needs of the many students at Stanislaus State are the first in their family to attend college.

Read the Stanislaus State Diversity Statement.

Strategic Planning

Conversations continue concerning a structure and timeline for a new strategic planning initiative. This effort focuses on identifying and pursuing a limited, practical set of strategic priorities.