University Strategic Planning

Feb. 23, 2017

University Strategic Planning: Current Two-Year Strategic Goals

Dear Campus Community:

I am pleased that the current strategic planning process is underway and progressing well.  There has been, and continues to be, widespread consultation by the University Strategic Planning Council (USPC), which is building upon the results derived from the many town hall meetings conducted by the Presidential Transition Team, as well as extensive in-person consultations with governance and representative groups on campus. 

We value your ideas and ask that you continue to participate fully in this process!  We need to know your story, your experiences here, as we build on the foundation of this excellent campus—its traditions and legacy—and create a future of even greater achievements.  My thanks to all of you, throughout the campus and community, for providing your ideas for the best direction of the university over the next few years.  But before we complete and implement our new strategic plan, I want to affirm the importance of continuing the process and timeline for submission of reports in accordance with our current strategic plan goals. 

President Sheley outlined the process for achieving the goals, objectives and action items identified for work through the end of this year, in his memorandum Two-Year Strategic Goals (January 4, 2016).  The first reports under this process, submitted in September 2016, have been summarized for review by USPC and other governance and administrative groups. Attached please find an Executive Summary of these reports, illustrating the excellent progress the campus is making toward achieving the six main priorities. 

As a reminder, the next progress reports for the Two-Year Strategic Goals are due to Provost Greer, via Campus Labs, on September 1, 2017.  These results will inform next steps for campus action and fold into the implementation of the new strategic plan, which will commence in Fall 2017.  

I wish to extend my greatest appreciation to the members of the Strategic Plan Working Group (SPWG) and the Committee to Implement and Prioritize the Strategic Plan (CIPSP) for their diligence and dedication.  Their efforts have kept the campus moving forward in achieving important goals during this time of transition.  The charge and work of the SPWG and CIPSP have now been folded into the charge of the USPC.  The USPC membership includes many who have served on CIPSP and/or SPWG, and we are fortunate to have these members to ensure linkage between our current and future strategic plans. 

Again, thanks to all for this excellent, continuing collaborative work! I am proud of our campus community and the dedication of faculty and staff in support of students.  You are the best!

Best regards,
Ellen Junn