Broadway Legend, Carol Channing

Carol Channing The Stanislaus State community is saddened by the news of the passing of Broadway legend and former Stanislaus County resident Carol Channing.

Wherever Ms. Channing went, she carried with her an unyielding love for the performing arts and a complete dedication to music and fine and performing arts education.

In 2004, Stanislaus State was honored to celebrate her with an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts. She was the third person to receive an honorary doctorate from Stan State, the first female and the first person to receive a DFA.

The following year, she established the Dr. Carol Channing School of Fine and Performing Arts Scholarship and Endowment at Stan State, and graced our campus by performing with students and faculty in a gala “Salute to the Arts” at Bernell and Flora Snider Recital Hall.

We are grateful for the warmth she showed the Stanislaus State community and humbled to have been touched by her generosity and ardent encouragement of performing arts education. We join with music and theater fans everywhere in celebrating the extraordinary life of Carol Channing.


Ellen Junn, Ph.D.