Thank You for Welcome Letter

July 5, 2016

Thank you for the warm welcome!

Dear Campus Community,

What a wonderful and warm welcome the campus and the Turlock community has extended to me and my husband, Dr. Allan Greenberg since my official arrival this past week, including the wonderful 4th of July celebration with the amazing behind the scenes work of many including Toby Bushee and so many others!

Heartfelt thanks also go to former President Joe Sheley and Dr. Bernadette Halbrook for leaving this beautiful campus with such a strong and positive record of engagement and success. I am deeply honored to have been appointed the president of California State University, Stanislaus, and I am truly excited about what we can achieve together in the coming years!

Although I have heard many wonderful things about this remarkable campus over the years, I still have much to learn and I plan to spend the next few months getting to know many of you better and I hope that you will have a chance to get to know me as well. I believe strongly in the concept of shared governance and am committed to engaging with campus, faculty, students, staff, administrators and community constituencies to understand, discuss and dialogue together to create a collaborative vision for our university and surrounding region. You will soon hear of various opportunities to engage with me in hosted events, town halls, small meetings and other venues, both informal and formal to share your ideas and engage in this dialogue. I believe that universities truly are learning institutions, meaning thatwe can all learn from each other both within and outside of the university and I will seek to generate more opportunities for us to dialogue with each other.

While by definition the future is always uncertain, we have much to be grateful for and we can work to shape our destiny by facing head on any future challenges by working hard and collaborating as a team together in the fundamental need to support our students' success, harnessing the power of our talented faculty, staff and administrators and considering how to integrate the strengths and needs of the community and our region.

Finally, others often have had difficulty knowing how to pronounce my name, so just remember that Junn rhymes with "fun" or "sun", or better yet, know that you also are welcome to address me informally by Ellen.

Thank you again for your making us feel so welcome to Stanislaus State! I am looking forward to auspicious years ahead.

Kind regards,
Ellen Junn