Noncompliant Posters and Stickers on Campus

November 21, 2017

Dear Campus Community,

The campus was notified early on Monday that a few posters and stickers were displayed on various parts of our campus that did not comply with our posting and other University policies. As a result, University Police (UPD), Student Affairs and other officials have taken swift action to remove these posters and materials. While the presence of the materials may be alarming to the campus community, we want to reiterate that the meaning and sentiments represented by the flyers do not reflect Stan State’s values supporting diversity and inclusion.

At Stan State, diversity is who we are and inclusion is our chosen path. We are not alone in addressing these issues. Unfortunately, the presence of intolerant and divisive communication is occurring on many public university campuses nationwide. Since my last message to the campus, we have taken proactive actions to counteract these challenging messages in several ways.

First, we brought together a “No Hate at Stan State” Task Force — comprised of students, faculty and staff — and students created a new campaign slogan: We STANd Together for Unity and Inclusion. Watch for new banners, posters, logos, bookmarks and more across campus building on this new theme.

Second, we hosted our first Unity and Inclusion Week in October with speakers, events and activities designed to empower students, faculty and staff with strategies to embrace diversity and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Third, we will be dedicating Stan State’s first Diversity Center next week which will be a home to clubs on campus that focus on celebrating diversity in areas such as race, ethnicity, religion, sexual or gender orientation, and Dreamers. This center will be a place where students are able to explore and seek understanding of diverse identities and perspectives.

Fourth, in our ongoing effort to protect and safeguard our students, Suzanne Espinoza, vice president for student affairs, will continue to provide updates as necessary to the campus community and work hand-in-hand with our UPD.

If you or other students are feeling emotionally distressed, please contact the Student Health CenterPsychological Counseling Services or our StanCares team. If you have questions or concerns as a student or parent and would like to talk with someone, please contact our Student Outreach office at (209) 667-3070. If you are concerned about any items you see posted on campus, please call the Stanislaus State Police Department at (209) 667-3114.

Finally, as we enter into this season of thanksgiving, I am reminded and grateful for the wonderfully rich, diverse perspectives, people and cultures that define Stan State. During this holiday season, I encourage you to celebrate our differences and reflect on the beauty and power of our community. I wish everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving.



Ellen Junn, Ph.D.