DACA Revocation

September 5, 2017

Dear Campus Community

​I am deeply saddened and disappointed by today’s decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) program. I join Chancellor White and other higher education leaders who have asked President Trump to maintain and defend DACA.

In the wake of this decision, I reaffirm Stanislaus State’s commitment to fully support our students, faculty and staff who may be impacted. We believe in and support our DACA students, who add great value to the Stan State community.

While Congress begins to work on a replacement policy, I encourage you to please continue to attend your classes and report to work. The Department of Homeland Security has stated new applications from undocumented immigrants for DACA will not be accepted, but those currently enrolled will be able to continue working until permits expire. Read the Department of Homeland Security's FAQs on today's decision and read the CSU Fact Sheet Regarding Rescission of DACA.

If you need support or know of someone who does, please reach out to our DREAMERS Committee at (209) 667-3070 or email dreamers@csustan.edu. You will receive a response within 24 hours. The DREAMERS committee is in communication with the Immigrant Legal Research Center (ILRC) and in the process of scheduling workshops, to be offered in the coming weeks and throughout the fall, to also address any current or upcoming changes that would affect our students. For more information, please visit our DREAMERS website.

Students feeling emotionally distressed are encouraged to contact the Student Health Center,Psychological Counseling Services or our StanCares team. If you have questions or concerns as a student or parent and would like to talk with someone please contact our Student Outreach office at (209) 667-3070. If you or anyone else on campus is approached by a US official regarding immigration concerns, please call the Stanislaus State University Police Department at (209) 667-3114. All questions from dispatch will be referred to Chief Andy Roy, Lieutenant Matt Dillon or Lieutenant Clint Strode and they will coordinate with the CSU Office of General Council (OGC) to liaison with the officials making the inquiries.

Like the rest of our student population, our DACA students are academically strong, highly motivated and aspire to achieve their baccalaureate degrees and positively contribute to their families and communities. We want to continue to provide the necessary resources, and a safe and welcoming learning environment to ensure their success.


Ellen Junn, Ph.D.
President, Stanislaus State