Change in Federal Immigration Enforcement

Feb. 23, 2017

Modifications to US Federal Policy Regarding Border Security and Immigration Enforcement

Dear Campus Community,

At Stan State, we are an inclusive campus that values and embraces our rich diversity, and we are dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty, staff, administrators and community members.

In an effort to update and reassure our campus community due to recently posted modifications in US federal policy regarding border security and immigration enforcement, CSU Chancellor Timothy White and I want to provide information on any possible impacts to our campus. Submitted on February 21, 2017, new US policy memoranda issued by Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly currently are under careful review by the CSU system office to determine any ramifications for our students and campus. Please open and read the attached letter from Chancellor White where he reaffirms the CSU's commitment to safeguarding the security and well-being of all students and others on our campus.

It is important to note that there is no information to suggest that federal enforcement will focus on our CSU campuses. However, Chancellor White states:

"We do advise any member of our CSU community – students, faculty and staff – who is approached while on campus by federal, state or local officials asking for information or documentation regarding immigration status, to immediately contact the University Police Department. The University Police Department will act as a liaison with the on-site official, and will coordinate with the [CSU] Office of General Counsel to provide guidance, references and resources as available."

Therefore, if you or anyone else on campus is approached by a US official regarding immigration concerns, please call the Stanislaus State University Police Department at 209-667-3114. All questions from dispatch will be referred to Chief Andy Roy, Lieutenant Matt Dillon or Lieutenant Clint Strode and they will coordinate with the CSU Office of General Council (OGC) to liaison with the officials making the inquiries.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know on campus observes anything unusual or feels unsafe, we encourage you to report any safety concerns to the University Police Department at (209) 667-3114 or email Two other key resources available to the campus community are:

  • StanCares team which is available to address the needs of students who need support and guidance. Contact Jill Tiemann-Gonzalez, Judicial Affairs Officer, (209) 664-6700;
  • Psychological Counseling Services which provides free professional, ethical and confidential psychological one-on-one counseling to students. Vasche Library Building,Office: L-185Phone: (209) 667-3381

While these recent changes in US federal policies may be unsettling, as a member of our Stan State family, if you notice that someone is under stress, please reach out to them to provide a helping hand and remind them of our campus resources.

Finally, I want to assure you that Stanislaus State and the CSU will fully support students, faculty and staff who may be impacted. We are a campus that believes in and supports the beauty and power of a safe, warm, welcoming and diverse learning community.

Ellen Junn