After Berkeley demonstration 

Apr. 16, 2017

A Message from President Ellen Junn

The campus received communications last night regarding a serious incident possibly involving one of our students and very troubling actions that may have taken place at a demonstration in Berkeley on Saturday, April 15th.

The university takes these allegations seriously, and as President, I have initiated an immediate investigation on campus to verify and confirm details of this incident. The university has zero tolerance for the use of violence and we will take all of the necessary legal and disciplinary measures to ensure that all students and everyone on campus have a safe and secure environment. While this incident understandably raises many negative emotions and calls for urgent actions, we must also hold true to our American system and principles of justice and due process.

Please rest assured that we are in constant contact with relevant officials and will take appropriate and timely actions to address this issue. As I have said in an earlier message, as a campus, we should redouble our pledge to work with all of our students, both in and out of the classroom, to learn to have respectful, constructive and peaceful dialogue and interactions with others so that together we can build a community and society of greater understanding and harmony for everyone.

Ellen Junn, Ph.D.