Important COVID-Related Updates

November 25, 2020

COVID-Related Changes for Remainder of Fall Term and Preparing for Start of Spring 2021

Dear Warrior students, faculty, staff and administrators:

Given the significant and alarming increase in COVID-19 cases in our region and across the nation, and with guidance from the Chancellor’s Office and our state and local public health officials, the University must enact an additional six new COVID-related precautionary measures. Please read all six new changes below.

(1) To Students and Faculty in On-campus Face-to-Face Courses

All 55 face-to-face courses approved for our campus must move to remote learning effective Monday, Nov. 30, for the remainder of the fall semester. We are taking this action to mitigate the rapid spread of the virus in our communities and throughout our state. College deans have been reaching out to consult with their affected faculty.

(2) To Designated Essential and Occasional Employees Coming to Campus to Work

In order to enhance the safety of designated essential or occasional staff, students, faculty and administrators who come to work on campus, Cabinet members are working to further modify or reduce employee contact during the next eight weeks. While most of our designated essential and occasional employees already have modified schedules and work hours, some groups may receive additional modifications. If you are in this category, please be assured that your supervisor or manager will be reaching out to you shortly with more detailed information.

(3) Other Campus Services and Activities

  • Students living in on-campus housing may continue to do so. The Student Health CenterDining Services and the Warrior Food Pantry will remain open and available. Psychological Counseling Services is also available via online appointment.
  • Student internships and clinical placements generally will continue. Students and faculty supervisors with questions should contact their dean.
  • Faculty and student research activities may continue with additional modifications, if necessary, to assure health and safety. Contact your dean with questions and/or concerns.
  • Athletics were paused for fall 2020 and the Athletics Department will continue to work closely with Athletics Director Terry Donovan, Vice President Christine Erickson, myself and California Collegiate Athletic Association leadership for new information.

(4) Preparing to Delay Start of Spring 2021 Semester to Monday, Feb. 1, 2021

In alignment with the Chancellor’s Office, all CSUs will delay the start of their spring 2021 semester in order to safeguard against COVID-case spikes related to possible holiday travel and social gatherings. At Stanislaus State, the goal is to still end the spring semester on time. We apologize for the delay, and I will be working with my Cabinet and campus leaders to provide support to faculty and staff making adjustments that will allow our campus to remain as safe as possible.

(5) Imperative Message to Everyone - FOR ALL WARRIORS

We know this news comes at a time when many are already feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the ongoing pandemic. However, we cannot let our guard down. Over the holidays, when most of us would dearly love to gather with our beloved friends and family, we must call on our inner Warrior strength to redouble and maintain health and safety measures to stop or slow down the spread of this deadly virus. Therefore, in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, all faculty, staff, students and administrators are strongly encouraged NOT TO TRAVEL OR GATHER WITH OTHERS during any of the upcoming holidays. Please refer to the CDC website for additional guidelines. These precautionary actions are particularly urgent because if we can stay in good health through the holidays, this will ensure that more people will be safer until promising vaccines are available later in spring or early summer.

(6) New COVID Health and Safety Protocols in January for Designated Essential and Occasional Employees Who Have Traveled or Gathered During the Holidays

To further reduce risks and ensure safety, Stanislaus State (along with all other CSUs) is in the process of developing and finalizing a robust testing and sequestering protocol. Our campus is working closely with our local public health agencies to finalize the details of this plan. In addition, we are in the process of working to have no-cost COVID testing options available at the Turlock campus for all essential and occasional employees who still must come to campus to work.

It is very important to note that this new testing protocol ONLY APPLIES, if you are a designated essential or occasional employee who traveled or gathered with others outside your immediate household during the holidays. We are relying on your candor and honesty. If you do travel or gather, you will be asked to follow our new COVID-19 testing and sequestering protocol for your own peace of mind and assurance, health and well-being, effective Monday, Jan. 4, 2021.

This protocol will be finalized in the next two weeks. We will provide more details about this protocol in December before the holiday break. Watch for new emails and information from your supervisor later in December. This important testing protocol is one of the many steps we are taking to continue our commitment to keeping our community safe, in addition to encouraging everyone to maintain strict adherence to health measures such as staying home, not traveling or gathering with others, always wearing a face-covering, maintaining physical distance and increasing handwashing.


We want ALL Warriors to stay safe and healthy during the holidays. Reducing travel and social gatherings are imperative now, and we need everyone to commit to doing their part. Please know that we are calling for new actions as COVID-19 conditions continue to evolve over the next eight weeks to limit the spread of COVID-19 within our extended communities. We also urge all students, faculty, staff and administrators to continue to monitor your emails closely during the holidays for additional information.

I am deeply appreciative and proud of the care you have shown in supporting our students and each other while adhering to public health protocols. With the promise of effective vaccines in the near future, we must continue our commitment to follow health and safety measures to return to a near-normal lifestyle post COVID.

While our holidays may not be celebrated in the way we had hoped this year, I know you are Warrior strong and will find new, fun, creative and innovative ways to show your love and connection with your family and friends. So, please enjoy and I wish you all a safe and restful Thanksgiving break!

Warm holiday wishes,

Ellen Junn, Ph.D.