Coursework for Pre-Law Advising

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There are many courses in various disciplines that contribute to the skills students will need as a lawyer or for careers in law. We advise students to choose from the following courses, which have been selected because they specifically nurture the two skills that help students get into law school, and stay there: strong, clear expository writing and logical critical thinking.

PLRC services and advising are open to all students. Please contact Dr. Blake Wilson (Criminal Justice) or Dr. Stephen Routh (Political Science) for more information. 

The newest coursework for pre law students includes (for Fall 2019) Moot Court (CJ 3125) and Court Observer Program (CJ 4945, Spring 2020) offered by Criminal Justice. 


ANTH2060 – Intro to Cultural Anth
ANTH 3000 – Anthropology and Global Issues
ANTH 4181 – Political Anthropology


GEOG 2350 – Water & Power


PHIL 2000 – Intro to Critical Thinking
PHIL 2100 – Logic
PHIL 3400 – Ethics (WP)
PHIL 2700 – Intro to Political Philosophy
PHIL 4401 – Professional Ethics


COMM 3200 – Communication Theory (WP)
COMM 3140 – Persuasive Messages
COMM 3910 – Critical and Interpretive Methods


ENGL 4010 – Introduction to Rhetoric


ECON4335 Political Economy (WP)

Political Science

PSCI 3210 – Legislative Process
PSCi 3225 – Civil Liberties
PSCI 3220 – Constitutional Law


HIST 4920 – Migrants and Refugees


Socl 4010 Race and Ethnic Relations
Socl 4430 Contemporary US Immigration

Criminal Justice

CJ 3100/3110 – Legal Research and Writing (I/II)
CJ 3315 – Hate Crimes
CJ 4100 – Law and Society
CJ 4960 – Race, Ethnicity and the Criminal Justice System