Lecture Series

All lectures are free and open to the public. Please check with department in regards to location and times of any upcoming lectures.

For more information, contact Department Chair, Dr. Jason Winfree, jwinfree@csustan.edu phone: (209)664-6669 or the Philosophy Department at philmodl@csustan.edu , phone: (209)667-3686

Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2017-2018



September 28

Joshua Kerr, Doctoral Student from University of Oregon.  Topic:  "Thinking Through Sound: Wallace Stevens and Martin Heidegger".

November 21

Dr. Daniela Vallega-Neu, Professor of Philosophy at University of Oregon. Topic: "Time-space, Earth, and World in Heidegger

November 22

Dr. Alejandro A. Vallega, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Oregon.  Topic:  "The Seminal Thought of Rodolfo Kusch".

February 16

Dr. María del Rosario Acosta López, Associate Professor of Philosophy, DePaul University.  Topic: "One Hundred Years of Forgotteness: Aesth-Ethics of Memory in Latin America".

May 11

Dr. Güçsal Pusar, Teaching Fellow of DePaul University. Topic: "Kant's Metaphilosophical Antinomy: Indifference and the Problem of Metaphysics".
Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2016-2017
Date Lecture

March 10th

Dr. Ronald Mendoza-de Jesus, Post Doctoral Fellow from University of Southern California, Long Beach, California. Topic:  "Free-dom: Braschi, Derrida, and the Limits of Sovereignty"

March 17th

Dr. Pascal Massie, Professor of Philosophy, Miami University, Miami, Florida.  Topic:  Masks and the Space of Play

May 5th

Dr. Michael Stern, Associate Professor in Department of German and Scandinavian, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.  Topic:"Multiplying Socrates, Translating Memory: The Power of Naming"

Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2015-2016  
Date Lecture

April 4th

Dr. Tom Digby, Retired Emeritus from Springfield College in Massachusetts. Topic: "Love and War: How Militarism Shapes Sexuality and Romance" Sponsored along with Gender Studies and Philosophy

April 22nd

Dr. Janae Sholtz, Coordinator of Women's and Gender Studies, Alvernia University, Reading Pennsylvania.  Topic:  "What is it to Dramatize? Bataille and Deleuze's Celebration of the Laceration of Self, Unlimited Transgression and the Excess of Life"

April 29th

Dr. Michael Stern, Associate Professor in Department of German and Scandinavian, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.  Topic: "Questions and Question Marks" He will share a different perspective on Socrates

May 6th

Dr. Jeffrey Jackson, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Houston, Downtown, Houston, Texas.  Topic:  "Nietzche: Genealogy and Convalescence"

Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2014-2015
Date Lecture
November 26th Daniela Vallega-Neu, University of Oregon: "The Disappearance of Soul"
February 6th Peter Milne, National University of Seoul: "Lyotard and Sovereign Film"
March 3rd David Wood, Vanderbilt University: "Deep Time"
April 24th Arun Iyer, Seattle University: "Nietzsche, Foucault, and History"
Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2013-2014
Date Lecture

November 8th

Gerard Kuperus, University of San Francisco: "Nietzschean Invasive Species"

November 22nd

David Jennings, recent graduate from Boston University:
"Friendship and Intellectual Virtue in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics"

March 28th

Peter Steeves, DePaul University: "This Animal, Again and Again"

May 2nd Jason Wirth, Seattle University: "The Conquest of Space: Gary Snyder after Captain Ahab"


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2012-2013
Date Lecture

October 12th

Emily Parker, Santa Clara University: "The Ethics of Materiality in Beauvoir and Irigaray"

October 26th

Sean Kirkland, DePaul University: "On the Relation of Being and Logos in Aristotle's Categories"

November 5th

Jeff Hanson, Australian Catholic University: "Creation and the Platonic Good in Levinas's Absolute Relation"

February 18th Chris Lauer, University of Hawaii, Hilo: "Touching and the Impossibility of Intimacy"
March 1st Martin Benjamin, Mills College: "Responding to Marx (Groucho, not Karl) on Obligations to Posterity"
April 12th Jim Risser, Seattle University: "The Silence of the Beginning"


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2011-2012
Date Lecture

October 28th

Marjoleine Oele, University of San Francisco:"€œAristotelian Transformations: Heidegger on Attunements"
November 18th Carlos Sanchez, CSU San Jose: "Mexican Existential Phenomenology"
December 9th Andrew Fiala, CSU Fresno: "Pacificism and Social Criticism"
February 24th Anne O'Byrne, SUNY Stony Brook: "€œA Past That Has Never Been Present: Reflections on Natality and the Immemorial"
March 9th Andrew Mitchell, Emory University: "Body, Space, Sculpture:  Heidegger and the Art of Dwelling"
April 25th Robert Hurley, "€œThe Central Desert: Tiqqun and Critical Metaphysics"€
May 15th Charles E. Scott, Vanderbilt University: "The Force of Life and Faith: Nietzsche and Kierkegaard"


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2010-2011
Date Lecture
September 2010 Chris Nagel, CSU Stanislaus: "Subjection"
February 2011 Hakhamanesh Zangeneh, CSU Stanislaus: "Temporality and Distension"
March 18th Karmen MacKendrick, LeMoyne College: "All in a Moment: Cusanus and Klossowski on the Possible in the Actual"
May 6th Alphonso Lingis, Professor Emeritus Penn State:"Sacrilege"
May 13th Alejandro Vallega, University of Oregon: "Displacements of Images in the Age of Coloniality and Globalization"


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2009-2010
Date Lecture
February 27 Dr. Jason Winfree, CSU Stanislaus: "Solitude, Violation, Alterity: Juan Rulfo's Deserts."
April 24th John Lysaker, Professor and Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Oregon: "Essaying Nietzsche's New Psychology."
April 30 Daniela Vallega-Neu, CSU Stanislaus:"The Fabric of Machination."
May 15th Dr. Omar Rivera, University of Wisconsin La Crosse: "Pantomime and Photography: the Aesthetics of Latin American Thought."
October 23 Prof Charles E. Scott, Vanderbilt University: "The Birth of Political Subjects."
November 25 Dr. Hernando Estevez, John Jay College: "Latin American Political Thought."
December 7 Dr. Clark Buckner, The San Francisco Art Institute: "Autonomy, Pluralism, and Play in 'Contemporary' Art."


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2008-2009
Date Lecture
February 29 Dr. Clark Buckner, The San Francisco Art Institute: "Autonomy, Pluralism, and Play in Contemporary Art."
April 2 Dr. Bret Davis, Loyola University: "€œNon-Willing Perspectivism"€
May 2 Dr. Kalliopi Nikolopoulou, SUNY Buffalo: "€œPlato and Hegel: On an Old Quarrel."€
October 24 Dr. Jason Aleksander, Xavier University Chicago: "€œProvidence and Desire in Dante's Political Philosophy."
November 21 Dr. James DiGiovanna, City University of New York: "€œAesthetics and the Human Argos Project."


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2007-2008
Date Lecture
March 2 Daniela Vallega-Neu, CSU Stanislaus: "Embodied Time: On Rhythm in
the Work of John Cage."
March 16 John Kamitsuka: "Symposium on Philosophy and Music."
April 27 Dr. Josh Hayes, Santa Clara University: "€œDeconstructing Dasein: Heidegger, Aristotle, and Animal Life."
May 11 John Sallis, Boston College: "€œThe Politics of Music."€ (FDC 118)
November 30 Dr. Robert Vallier, De Paul University:"€œInstitutions -- Of History Merleau-Ponty and the Philosophy of History"€


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2006-2007
Date Lecture
March 3 Jeff Bernstein, Holy Cross College: "€œGod or History: Schelling'€™s Appropriation of Spinoza."
March 10 Ashley Pryor, Toledo University:
April 14 David Wood, Vanderbilt University: "Negative Capability and Beyond."
April 28 Jeff Yoshimi, UC Merced: "€œHusserl and Heidegger on Belie."
May 12 Claudia Baracchi, New School: "€œOn War, From Plato to Freud."


Philosophy Department Special Conferences 2005-2006
Date Lecture
October 2005 Normalization, Exclusion, Excess Conference

November 2006

Interdisciplinary Symposium:

"Visual Intelligence and the Sense of Art" with Clark Buckner, Johanna Hallsten, Rebecca Fortnum, Nigel Whiteley, Gerry Davies, Beth Harland, Mary Maclean, David C. Wood and Ed Casey.



Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2004-2005
Date Lecture
December 3 Walter Sterling, St. John'€™s College: "€œA Matter of Trust: Concessions to The World of Becoming in Plato'€™s Image of the Divided Line."€
November 19 Darren Hutchinson, CSU Stanislaus: "Buzz: An Essay in Paraphenomenology."
October 27 Marc Froment-Meurice, Vanderbilt University: "A Lecture in Honor of Jacques Derrida"


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2003-2004
Date Lecture
April 30th Eddo Evink, University of Tilborg, Netherlands: "(In) finite Responsibility: Jacques Derrida on Metaphysics and Ethics."
March 19th Veronique Foti, Penn State University: "From and Agonistic of Powers to Deferred Homecoming: Heidegger, Hoelderlin, Sophocles."
November 21 James DiGiovanna, City University of New York: "Aesthetics and the Human Argos Project."
October 17 Stuart Kendall, Boston University: "Man and Animal: Bataille in the Pit."
October 10 James Risser, Seattle University: "€œThe Sociality of Life in Gadamer'€™s Hermeneutics."


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2002-2003
Date Lecture
September 13 Andy Young, CSU Stanislaus: "€œSpeaking Without Ground: Heidegger, Nishitani, and Impermanence."
October 4 Ben Pryor, Toledo University: "€œLaw in Abandon: Jean-Luc Nancy and the Critical Study of Law."€
November 8 John Lysaker, University of Oregon: "€œArt: the Uncommitted Crime."
November 15 Chares E. Scott, Penn State University: "€œHelen, Heidegger, and the Wisdom of Nemesis."
March 21 Walter Brogan, Villanova University: "€œPlato'€™s Symposium: E-Motion and the Heart of Being."
April 16 David Farrell Krell, "€œAntigone's Clout: Hölderlin and Lacan on Sophocles"€™ Heroine."
May 9 Ladelle McWhorter, "€œA Foucaultian Genealogy of Racism."


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2001-2002
Date Lecture
September 28 Karen Feldmann, UC, Berkeley: "€œReflections on Mourning and the Twentieth Anniversary of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial."
November 9 Chris Nagel, CSU Stanislaus: "€œPolitics and the Possibility of War."€
November 30 Peter Manchester, SUNY, Stony Brook: "€œTime and Soul in Aristotle."
April 26 Susan Schoenbohm, Penn State University: "€œRevisiting the Question of What Makes Living Worthwhile."€
March 15 Omar Rivera, Penn State University: "€œOn Imagination."
May 3 Francois Raffoul, Louisiana State University: "The Tear of Life and the Need for Philosophy."
May 17 Rick Lee, Penn State University: "€œThe Trouble With Force."


Philosophy Department Lecture Series 2000-2001
Date Lecture
October 20 John Sallis, Penn State University: "€œDeath and Fire: The Strange Space of Klee's Paining."
February 25 Dr. Heidi Marx: "€œKnowledge and Learning in Medieval Philosophy."€
April 27 Mary-Lou Sena, University of Seattle: "€œNietzsche'€™s New Grounding of Metaphysics: The Mimetic Character of the Sensuous."€
April 26 Susan Schoenbohm, Penn State University: "€œRevisiting the Question of What Makes Living Worthwhile."
April 14 Abraham Schoener, St. John'€™s College: "€œCirce'€™s Charms and the Punishment of Those Who Divide Mind from Body."
March 24 James Risser, Seattle University: "€œGadamer'€™s Hermeneutics Today."€