Penumbra Online (Fall 2021)

Penumbra Online. Fall 2021 "Love for Others"

LOVE SERIES: Love for Others

Submissions Open Sept. 6, 2021
Close Oct. 11 @11:59 p.m. (PST) or at 300 submissions

Thank you all who contributed to our summer edition, which featured the theme of Self-Love. Now, Penumbra Online is excited to continue our Love Series. We are excited to open the call for the second part of the Love Series: Love for Others.

After the difficulties of the last year, we wanted our editions to bring light to our readers, and we could think of no better way to do that than through love. While the first part of our series focused on Self-Love, our Fall call will focus on love extending from ourselves. We’d like to take a moment to highlight the many ways love manifests for others.

We encourage submitters to send in pieces that spotlight love in all its forms: all types of love and expressions of it are encouraged. From romantic love, to familial love, to platonic love, we encourage submitters to send in pieces that highlight love for others. These pieces do not have to only cover the parts of love that are easy; they may also display the struggle and heartache love for others can cause.

We especially welcome work by BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and all communities marginalized by systems of hate and oppression to submit to our publications! We want to highlight and celebrate your work! As always, check our guidelines before submitting any works to the journal. To learn more about Penumbra Online visit us at PENUMBRA ONLINE - Home. To view past editions of Penumbra Online visit the archives at Archive - PENUMBRA ONLINE.


  • Each person can submit no more than a total of 3 submissions
  • Word count for fiction/non-fiction is 2000 words
  • Poetry pieces can be no more than 500 words
  • Audio and video files cannot surpass 10 minutes 
  • Reviews word count should be between 600 to 900 words and must be of recent works (within the last year). Review proposals are required, please send proposals or questions to and
  • Documents need to be submitted as Word Docs: NO PDF files will be accepted
  • Each piece must be in a separate submission to be considered
  • Titles must appear the same way in all parts of the submission to prevent confusion
  • Once accepted, submitters cannot withdraw their pieces
  • We require specific content warnings in submissions with triggering or difficult subjects
  • No images depicting bodily harm, including harm of animals; it can result in a ban from both Penumbra and
  • No racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, islamophobic, ableist content or language (etc.) Nothing that furthers hate or oppressive rhetoric and practices; submitting work containing these topics can result in a ban from both Penumbra and

How to Submit: 

  1. Visit our submittable page. You will need to create an account if you do not already have one. This account is free to make and use.
  2. Select the genre of your submission. (poetry, fiction, non-fiction, etc.)
  3. Upload your work with the relevant information and click submit.

If you have any questions, please contact our faculty advisor, Dr. Monica Montelongo Flores at

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Call for Reviews

The staff at are seeking reviews of contemporary books, films, albums, podcasts, and television shows of 600-900 words for our Fall 2021 Online Issue. Penumbra Online is currently beginning the second part of their 2021 Love Series which is titled Love for Others. We encourage reviewers to focus their reviews on material that focus on some form of love for others. Reviewed material must have a 2020 or 2021 publication or release date, and interested writers must submit their review proposals by 11 October 2021, and if accepted, final products must be submitted by November 2021. Accepted reviews will be professionally copyedited and must be submitted in MLA format. In the spirit of becoming increasingly accessible to scholars near and far, we at Penumbra Online look forward to featuring reviews from local and international authors. We warmly invite scholars of all professional levels to submit proposals for reviews and especially welcome graduate student submissions. To be considered for publication, potential authors must first email Autumn Andersen and Hannah Neeley, Review Editors of Penumbra, at and to submit a CV and a brief proposal of the text they would like to review and how it fits our series theme. We recommend using the subject line “Penumbra Review'' for correspondences concerning proposals or accepted submissions.

Stanislaus State proudly digitizes current and past issues of Penumbra for public viewing. Potential reviewers are encouraged to browse the journal’s past and present offerings and note the journal’s diverse range of subject matter and contributors. Additionally, for more information on reviews visit Call for Reviews - PENUMBRA ONLINE.

Guidelines for Reviews:

  • Reviews word count should be between 600 to 900 words
  • Reviews must end with a sign off of the submitter’s name and academic affiliation
  • Reviews must be of recent works (within the last year) and must be related to the series subject matter.
  • Review proposals are required, please send proposals or questions to and by October 11, 2021.