We are here to listen, provide education, recognize strengths, and encourage resiliency. We are not clinical professionals and will not be providing psychological counseling. PEER mentors may discuss situations with their supervisors as needed. If there is reason to believe that you are likely to harm yourself or others, we will take safety actions, including contacting professionals.

E-mail Confidentiality

We cannot ensure that contact through e-mail is secure or confidential. While we
consider your communications private and we do not release information without your
permission, our university administration reserves the right to monitor e-mail usage. For
this reason, we offer the following information to help you decide on the best method for
contacting us:

  • If you are concerned about the content of your email being read by someone other
    than our staff, you might want to consider phoning or stopping by our office instead.
  • While we check our email often during regular office hours, your e-mail message
    may not be received immediately.
  • In an emergency we encourage you to contact 911 or the University Police at (209)