Senior Honors Theses

Students walking

2011 Oceans-21 and the Future of United States’ Ocean Policy: Understanding the Importance of the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Area and Environmental Recovery Efforts Adam Jorge Political Science/Philosophy Dr. Stephen Routh
2012 Sustainability and the San Joaquin Valley Bryan King Political Science Dr. David Colnic
2013 CSU Stanislaus Youth Mentoring Program Jade Mosely Criminal Justice Dr. Abu Mboka
2013 ALL EYES ON US: Planning a Film about Stockton’s Violence and Crime Prevention Strategies Luis Alcazar Art Jessica Gomula-Kruzic, Steve Arounsack
2015 Identifying Alternative Approaches to Transportation:
Critical Issues for a CSU Stanislaus Transportation Plan
Boden Holland Business Administration, Human Resources No Faculty Mentor
2016 An Analysis of Factors
Influencing Children’s Transportation to School 
Josephine Hazelton Political Science Dr. Rosanne Roy
2016 Market Value and Unemployment:
What’s Up With the Rising Rates of Copper Theft in Stanislaus
Kyle Segura Criminal Justice Dr. Gregory Morris

Senior Honors Theses
With a Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

2011 Learning How to Listen: Discovering Southeast Asian Ethnomedical Practices and Beliefs Verónica Sanchez Anthropology Dr. Ida Bowers
2013 Queer Theory and 19th Century Homoerotic Photography Jamianessa Davis Art Dr. Staci Gem Scheiwiller
2013 Female Sports Books and the Positive Effects They Could Have on Females in High School Andrea Fett English Dr. Bill Foreman
2013 Transforming Gender Roles in the Colonial Andes: Native Andean Women and Female Resistance to the Colonial Spanish Construct of Gender Hierarchy Ashley Reeves History Dr. Marjorie Sanchez-Walker
2016 Disparity in Discrimination: The Experience of Minority Women in the Workplace Hannah Green Spanish No Faculty Mentor
2017 Challenges of S.I.V. Afghan Refugees in Turlock, CA Nicole Larson Criminal Justice No Faculty Mentor