Master's Theses

Students in the quad

2011 Assessment of the Online California Prenatal Diagnosis Center Manual Tina Liu Genetic Counseling Dr. Jacqueline Avila, Dr. Janey Youngblom
2012 Exploring the Needle Exchange Programs Throughout Northern and Central California Christopher Soares Social Work Dr. John A. García
2013 The Implementation of the Mental Health First Aid USA Training Program at Emanuel Medical Center in Turlock, California Andrew M. O'Neill Social Work Dr. John A. García
2013 Effectiveness of Riparian Forest Restoration on the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge: Linkages Among Vegetation Growth, Soil Characteristics, and Soil Microbial Communities Julie Wallace Ecology and Sustainability Dr. My Lo Thao, Dr. Michael Fleming
2014 Heat and Smoke Effects on the Seeds of Common San Joaquin Valley Grasssland Plants Reyn Akiona Ecology and Sustainability Dr. Stuart Wooley, Dr. Robert W. Parris
2015 The Level of Awareness Farmworkers from Stanislaus County Have in Regards to Pesticide Management Maria Isabel Guerrero Jimenez Social Work Dr. Shradha Tibrewal, Dr. Kilolo Brodie
2015 The Implementation of California Prison Realignment Act within Merced County Eliverto Elias Social Work Dr. Kilolo Brodie, Dr. Yvonne Berenguer
2016 Developing Community Awareness: Human Trafficking in San Joaquin County Elizabeth Velazquez Social Work Dr. Katie Galvin, Dr. Jane Alice Rousseau
2017 Meeting the Needs of Those Who Serve Stanislaus County's Seniors: 1st Annual Stanislaus Caregiver Resource Fair Krystal K. Irwin Social Work Dr. Shradha Tibrewal, Dr. Sevaughn Banks
2017 Child Welfare Caseworkers' Strengths-Based Practice when Working with Parents Suffering from Substance Use Disorders in the Central Valley and Its Connection to Perceived Organizational Support Rajvir Kaur Chohan Social Work Dr. Katie Galvin, Dr. John A. Garcia
2017 Caring for the Seriously Ill: Developing an Inpatient Palliative Care Program at a Community Hospital Andrea M. Martinez Nursing Dr. Elizabeth Halifax, Dr. Janelle Culjis, Dr. Connie Fairchilds

Master's Theses
With a Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

2011 Experiences of Homeless Individuals in San Joaquin County, California Daniel Zendejas Social Work Dr. Robin Ringstad
2013 Professional Challenges in Cross-Cultural Genetic Counseling Monalyn Umali Genetic Counseling Dr. Robin Lee
2013 Unidos Saldremos Adelante (USA), Together We Will Succeed: A Hispanic Mentor Project Dinorah Fernandez Nursing Dr. Debra L. Tavernier
2013 The Experiences of Veterans Receiving VA Services in the Central Valley Karina Martinez Social Work Dr. Shradha Tibrewal
2014 Exploring How Latina Women Overcome Barriers to Achieve Their Master's Degree MaryCruz Vargas Social Work Dr. Kilolo Brodie
2014 Cultural Competency Training for Prospective Adoptive Parents Kyra Loretelli Social Work Dr. John A. García
2015 A Qualitative Study on Gay Students at California State University, Stanislaus Edward A. Colorado Social Work Dr. Kilolo Brodie, Dr. Robin Ringstad
2017 La Guerra en el Valle: State Sanctioned Violence and Latina's Experiences Living in a Mixed Status Family in California's Central Valley Jennifer Morales Social Work Dr. Jane Alice Rousseau, Dr. John A. Garcia