Our Mission

Program for Academic & Career Excellence (PACE) is consistent with the university'€™s mission of creating a learning environment, which encourages expansion of intellectual, creative, and social horizons. Our mission is to ensure that all students regardless of individual differences, acquire the self-knowledge, educational, occupational, and career development competencies needed to make self-directed, realistic, and responsible decisions. We are committed to individual uniqueness, an understanding of multicultural diversity, the development of human potential, and a passion for life-long learning.

The Program

PACE is a federally funded program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide services to Hispanic and underserved/first-generation college students. The program provides qualified undergraduates with the academic assistance and support necessary to successfully complete a baccalaureate degree. Services are available at no cost to help students achieve their academic goals.

"Through the First Year Experience I was able to know more about the University and its resources. It helped me understand this new change of environment since it is a big difference compared to high school, I was able to feel more secure and confident about myself and my future goals that I would like to accomplish."

PACE Goals and Objectives

  • Increase persistence and graduation rates of underserved students
  • Encourage collaboration between faculty and staff to create student engagement
  • Enable underserved students to earn college degrees and return to the community as mentors and leaders
  • Embrace a variety of social and cultural learning styles to develop an environment that focuses on underserved student learning

Evidence of Success