The 27th Annual SRC winners are...

On Friday, March 8, 2013, CSU Stanislaus held its 27th Student Research Competition at the Mary Stuart Rogers Building, featuring presentations by Twenty-four students. This was a great opportunity for us to highlight and celebrate the academic accomplishments of our diverse student population. We are proud to have collaborated with the Center for Excellence in Graduate Education (CEGE) to offer Undergraduate and Graduate Qualitative and Quantitative categories as well as a Doctoral category for this years' competition. Top presenters of the competition qualified to advance to the statewide CSU Student Research Competition held at Cal Poly Pomona on May 10th and 11th. At this event, students from all 23 CSU campuses submitted written papers and make oral presentations before juries of professional experts from major corporations, foundations, public agencies, and universities in California.

And the winners are...

Undergraduate Quantitative Category

Kristy Ortega


First Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: Bioluminescent E. coli

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jim Youngblom

Sandi Lavito


Second Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: Improvement of physical properties of hit Tc super conductors with Pb-doping

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Rose Zhang

Reema Shakir


Third Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: The effects of second-and-third hand cigarette smoke exposure on the levels of plasma glucose using Swiss Webster Mice

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Flora Watson

Matthew Vander Schuur


Honorable Mention

Title: Characterization of florescent oligonucleotide analogs to understand DNA base flipping for DNA repair

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elvin Alemán

Joshua Galvez, Jo Fawna Reali, and Susana Urquizo


Honorable Mention

Title: The two-dimensional smoothing of images via the Total Variation Model

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jung-Ha An

Apryl Joy Hekman


Honorable Mention

Title: An empirical approach to directly accounting for expectations in behavior models

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniel Deisenroth

Darryl D. Lopez and Maria Gallaga


Honorable Mention

Title: Observance of microbial succession in activated sludge

Faculty Mentor: Dr. My Lo Thao

Qualitative Masters Category

Kirin Basuta

Social Work

First Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: Family experiences and perspectives of Fragile X newborn screening and cascade testing

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kilolo Brodie

Joseph McCarty

English/Advanced to State Competition

Second Place

Title: Assessing Early Start: Collecting data necessary for good decision making

Faculty Mentor: Dr. John Wittman 

Alexandra K. Vicknair

History/Advanced to State Competition

Third Place

Title: Mountains and mindsets: The ideologies behind the Mineral King Controversy, 1965 - 1978

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Samuel Regalado

Quantitative Masters Category

Gianna Smith

Educational Technology

First Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: The impact of IPods on reading fluency

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dawn Poole

Miranda Lutzow

Public Administration

Second Place

Title: The impact of supervised self-injection sites on California??s health care spending

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Elaine Peterson

Doctoral Category 

Jessica Kaven

First Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: The development of a valid and reliable general analytic rubric for a college level public speaking course

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Shawna Young

Michael McCandless

Second Place/Advanced to State Competition

Title: the effects of enrollment fee fluctuations on student retention in California??s community Colleges

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dawn Poole


Thank you to the CSU Stanislaus faculty judges: Dr. Dennis Sayers (Teacher Education), Dr. Elizabeth Breshears (Social Work), Dr. Betsy Eudey (Gender Studies), Dr. JungHa An (Mathematics), Dr. Elvin Aleman (Chemistry), Dr. Gregory Morris (Criminal Justice), Ms. Teri Burgess (Business and Finance), and Mr. Kenneth Potts (Library).