Working Off Campus Technology Workshops

Training Sessions through Zoom

In hopes to help the campus community adjust to moving to telecommuting and onlne-everything, OIT has hosted a few Training Sessions on various technology tools through Zoom Web Conferencing. All sessions are recorded and the Previous Trainings can be found below the Virtual Office Hours

If you would like to provide feedback or request a training topic for OIT to host, let us know by clicking on this link here to send us an email. We would be happy to meet your technology needs.

If you're looking for instructional training sessions check out the Office of Academic Technology's Instructional Continuity Workshops.

Schedule Virtual Office Hours

OIT is here to help you! If you have a question or two about any of the online resource tools or any of the devices OIT has provided to you, click on the link below to schedule some virtual office time through Bookings.


Steps for scheduling your office hours:

  1. Click on "Schedule". It will take you to OIT's Bookings. 
  2. Select "1:1 Office Hour Apt."
  3. Choose a Staff member in the drop-down bar
  4. Choose a date/time that best fits your schedule
  5. Scroll down and fill out the "Add your detail" section. It will help the Tech if you provide your question in advance in the "Notes" section.
  6. Click on "Book" when done.
  7. You will receive an automatic response with a calendar invite that'll include the meeting link.

Watch Previous Training Sessions 

Feel free to watch and rewatch any of the previous training videos. They will take you to Microsoft Stream. Due to how the video links are shared, you will need to be logged into your MyStanState account in order to watch them.

Recorded Training Information

First Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link
Zoom (April 2) Julian  Watch
Multi-Factor Authenication/VPN (April 2) John Watch
Microsoft Teams (April 3) Jeffrey Watch
Microsoft Outlook - Web Usage (April 3) Julian Watch
Microsoft OneDrive - Web Usage (April 6) Jeffrey Watch
SnagIt (April 6) Julian Watch


Second Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link
Zoom (April 7) Julian Watch
Multi-Factor Authentication / VPN (April 8) John Watch
Microsoft Outlook - Web Usage (April 9) Julian Watch
Microsoft Teams (April 10) Jeffrey Watch
SnagIt (April 13) Julian Watch
Microsoft OneDrive (April 14) Jeffrey Watch
Third Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link

Information Security Training (April 20)

Nathan Watch

Microsoft Office Teams - The Basics (April 22)

Julian Watch

Microsoft Office Teams - For the Everyday Projects & Advanced Skills (April 24)

Jeffrey Watch
Fourth Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link

Microsoft Office Tools - Bookings, Stream, Planner & more (April 28th)

Jeffrey Watch

Using Microsoft Office with Chromebooks (April 29th)

Julian Watch

Information Security - MFA/VPN (April 30th)

John Watch


Contact Technology Support Desk

As we continue to adjust to this new way of work, we understand there will be a few bumps in the road. If you should need any extra assistance, please don't hesitate to email us.