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Conditions of Use
Access to computer information services provided by California State University, Stanislaus (University) is a privilege granted to students, faculty, staff and others. All users must act responsibly and maintain the integrity of these services. The University reserves the right to limit, restrict or extend computing privileges and access to its resources. Those who do not abide by the conditions of use listed below should expect at least suspension of access privileges and possible disciplinary actions under standard University disciplinary or personnel processes. Offenders should also expect the University to take all appropriate legal action. Suspected criminal activity will be referred to the University's Public Safety Office. Users of the computer information services are expected to cooperate in the investigation of misuse or abuse. If there is a reasonable basis to suspect that a violation of either a computer law or a condition of use has occurred, user accounts may be examined. Anyone using computer information services expressly consents to such an examination. The conditions of use of computer information services include, but are not limited to the list below. (For more information on the University Network Policy go to the following CSU web site: http://www.csustan.edu/oit/Publications/CSUStanNetworkUserPolicy.pdf) (Adobe Reader required, click here to download reader)
  1. You must abide by the terms of all software licensing agreements and copyright laws.
  2. You must not deliberately perform any act that will interfere with the intended use of the computer information services.
  3. You must not deliberately perform any act which seeks to gain unauthorized access to computer information services or which allows others to gain unauthorized access to computer information resources.
  4. You must not deliberately perform any act without authorization which will interfere with the normal operation of computers, terminals, peripherals, networks, or which will interfere with others' ability to make use of the computer information services.
  5. You are not allowed to use, or try to use, any method to gain access to an account other than the one you have been authorized to use. You are not allowed to use, or try to use, any method to alter your access or usage privileges.
  6. Sharing your account is prohibited and you will be held accountable for all activity occurring on your account. Therefore, your account password is confidential and must never be revealed to anyone else. You must change it immediately if someone else finds out what it is. You must inform OIT immediately if you suspect someone else has gained access to your account by any means. You must not try to find out anyone else's password. In selecting your password, it is recommended that you not use your name, your initials or the name of your child, pet or significant other. Passwords may contain a combination of letters and numbers or other symbols. It is also recommended that you use account access safety measures such as changing your password often and never leaving terminals unattended without logging off.
  7. You are prohibited from knowingly transmitting information that contains obscene or discriminatory material to another individual or entity.
  8. You must not deliberately harass others by sending threatening, libelous or sexually, racially or religiously offensive messages through electronic means.
  9. You must not deliberately or inadvertently perform any act that invades the privacy of individuals or entities that are creators, authors, users or subjects of the computer information services in adherence to The Information Privacy Act of 1977. Invasion of privacy includes disseminating personal information on individuals including, but not limited to, his or her name, social security number, physical description, home address, home telephone number, education, financial transactions, medical, or employment history.
  10. It is the policy of CSU Stanislaus to comply with applicable State and Federal laws regarding data security and privacy.