Tips to Help Improve Internet Performance

If your internet performance is poor at home, try some of these tips

  1. Test Your Max Bandwidth: Use or another speed test application to check your speeds. Your internet service provider may have one that they recommend. Try to do this when no one at home is using the internet. This will tell you your maximum possible speed. If your speeds don't match the speeds that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) guarantees then you should report the problem to them and see what they recommend.
  2. Reduce the Load on Your Internet Connection: Your max bandwidth is shared by everyone using the service. If the family is watching video streams, gaming, or video chatting it will consume bandwidth. Shut down the unnecessary and set priorities. If you run a speed test while you're shutting down unnecessary network use and you can watch the speeds increase.
  3. Lock Down Your Network: If your home network does not require a password you may find that you are sharing it with the whole neighborhood! Securing it with a password will let you control who has access so you can control how your data connection is being used.
  4. Limit Multitasking: Your laptop or PC can only do so many tasks at a time. If you're studying, watching a movie and browsing the internet all at the same time on your computer, you may be doing more than your computer or network can handle. Shut down unnecessary applications and turn off processes that are running "in the background". They will affect the performance of your computer and slow down access to your network.
  5. Try a New Location: If you are using a cellular hotspot or tethering, try a different location. The distance from a cell tower and the number of walls in between can impact performance. Moving to an exterior room or moving to the other side of the house may improve performance.
  6. Try a wired connection: If all your neighbors are using Wi-Fi it can cause interference on your service. If you can connect to your home router with a wired connection, you may see improved service.