Conference Phones

Conference phones are available for check out through the OIT Call Center in L150 (667-3687). Please call in advance to reserve a conference phone.

If you have any problems using the conference phone please call Telephone Services at 667-3085 or the Call Center at 667-3687.

When planning to use the conference phoneplease do not assume that the room you have scheduled has an active line, some rooms do not so please check prior to your event. An active telephone jack will be labeled “Voice” in the table, or on the wall. If you do not hear a dial tone try a different phone jack within the room. If you have not previously used the conference phone, allow yourself some time for hook up.

Toll free numbers can be dialed directly from the conference rooms, by dialing 9 + your number. However, all long distance calls require an access code. Please contact Telephone Services at 667-3085 to be assigned an access code. To use your access code dial 9 + your number + access code, your call will then be connected.


MSR Conference Rooms

(active analog phone lines)

Room # (map) Location of Phone Line
MSR 285 wall opposite door
MSR 130 front wall
MSR 130B in table
MSR 130C in table closest to the door
MSR 260 in table
MSR 200 in table closest to the door
MSR 350 in table


Don't hear a dial tone?

  1. Check your connections, make sure both the power supply and the phone line are properly connected
  2. Try another phone jack, the active phone jack should be labeled “voice”.
  3. If you are still not hearing a dial tone the phone line may be digital and not analog (the conference phone will only work with an analog phone line).
  4. Still not working - Call Telephone Services 667-3085.

Analog Phone Line: works with a telephone without a caller ID display.

Digital Phone Line: works with a telephone with a caller ID display.

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