Telephone Services

About Our Services

Telephone Services is the organization within the Office of Information Technology that provides voice communication to the campus. We serve the entire campus community of faculty and staff in their offices and students in the residence apartments. Faculty and staff services include office phones, voice mail, fax lines, modem lines, classroom phones, conference services, and calling cards.

Telephone Services coordinates all phone moves on campus. We work with the Faculty, Staff, the OIT Help Desk and Network Team as well as Facilities Services to ensure a successful move. Telephone Services also handles all billing associated with telephones.

See the Voice Mail User Guide for help with your office voicemail.

On Campus Emergencies

When placing a 9-1-1 emergency call there will be a 5 to 8 second silent pause before you hear a ring, please REMAIN on the line, DO NOT HANG UP.

Emergency Blue Light Phones

Emergency Blue Light Phones are strategically located throughout the campus.See Emergency Blue Light Phones Map. Please use these phones to report suspicious activity, fire, medical, or other emergencies; or to request public assistance, and escorts. Follow directions on phone, and wait for a Public Safety Officer to answer.