Student Password Change Policy

Stanislaus State Office of Information Technology will be implementing a new password policy for students that will be enforced October 9, 2017 at noon.

This means that you will need to change your password before the specified deadline if:

  1. You have created or haven’t changed your password before June 21, 2017
  2. It does not meet the criteria below

How To Change Your Password

To change your password, go to and click on the “reset your password” link under the “Warrior Identity Information” heading.

Criteria for New Passwords

Passwords will need to meet the following criteria:

  • No less than 12 characters long
  • Uses three of the four characteristics below (four recommended):
    • At least one (1) uppercase letter
    • At least one (1) lowercase letter
    • At least one (1) special character
    • At least one (1) number

Also, your new password:

  • Cannot be the same as or contain your previous five (5) passwords
  • Cannot contain personal information on file with the University (any part of your name, SSN, ID number, addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
  • Cannot contain the word “password”
  • Cannot contain any part of the University name

Your new password will need to be updated immediately on all your devices (phones, laptops, tablets, etc.), browser’s saved password caches, and email apps after each password reset.

If you do not change your password immediately on your other devices, they could attempt to connect to university services automatically and "lock out" your account accidentally.

Regular Password Changes

You will need to change your passwords every six (6) months.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact or visit the Technology Support Desk.