Procedure for the Conversion of Videos for Online Streaming

The information on this page represents a procedure governing the use of OIT equipment and staff time with respect to requests by instructors for conversion of complete video materials for online streaming in classes.  It is not an official policy of Stanislaus State and may be modified or revoked at any time.

The procedure aims to strike a balance between (1) student access (broadly defined), (2) the legal issues of copyright (as expressed through the TEACH Acand Fair Use), and (3) the technology resources that are supported by OIT.  All requests for conversion will be evaluated on a case-by-case and title-by-title basis, in accordance with the guidelines below and the university Responsible Use policy.


Guidelines for approval

OIT will usually be able to convert a complete video for online streaming if all the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The media containing the title to be converted was lawfully acquired by the individual requester or the university
    Media (e.g., DVD or VHS) that is not an original purchase or has been "pirated" or "bootlegged" will not be accepted for conversion by OIT.
  2. No regularly available commercial streaming license exists for the title
    If a streaming license that can meet the access needs of the requester is available for purchase, then OIT will not convert the origial video, regardless of format (i.e., VHS or DVD). The requester is responsible for securing such a license, if desired, and using that license to make the video available. In situations where OIT cannot convert a complete video, OIT is able to create clips of reasonable and limited duration.
  3. The complete video will be used as part of an assignment or other direct, mediated instruction that requires the availability of the complete video.
    As part of the request, instructors must explain how the converted video will be used.  Complete videos will not be converted and made available for streaming if the content is not required or fundamental to the success of the course.
  4. The complete video will only be available for the duration of the mediated instruction, after which the access to the content will be disabled.
    It is possible to have a video available for the duration of an entire course if sustained access to the video is required or fundamental to the success of the course.

Request to convert complete videos

Requests for a complete video to be converted for online streaming will proceed as follows:

  1. Proposal – Instructor contacts Glenn Pillsbury, the campus Instructional Designer, and provides:
    1. The title(s) of the content to be converted
    2. Information about the course and how the converted video will be used
    3. The desired duration of availability of the content
  2. Research – Each title will be researched for existing streaming licenses and the proposed use evaluated as an acceptable use with respect to copyright.
  3. Conversion – Approved titles will then be conveyed to Kevin Gasaway, Media Production Specialist, who will work with the instructor to collect the original media (DVD/VHS) and schedule the conversion.
  4. Access – Completed conversions will be uploaded to Mediasite and the instructor given information about accessing the stream and how to make it available in the course web site, limited to the agreed-upon duration.

Reuse of materials

Converted videos are typically retained by OIT for use in future courses. Instructors do not need to initiate a new request to use exisiting content in a new course as long as the intended use is acceptable according to the guidelines on this page and the university Responisble Use policy.  OIT reserves the right to communicate with instructors to ensure that all uses of converted video follow these guidelines.