Media Production

Do you want to add multimedia content to your classroom or online course? Come talk to us about creating compelling material that will engage your students.
The Multimedia Production unit of Learning Services offer a full range of services for producing multimedia content for instruction.

Services include:

  • Scanning photos and slides
  • Creating web slideshows from PowerPoint
  • Audio editing and sound clip creation
  • Video conversion and clip creation (see Guidelines)
  • Online listening archive/repository
  • Online video archive/repository
  • Video production (storyboarding, recording, editing, presenting)
  • Technical consultations on equipment purchases and usage

What types of projects are eligible for assistance?

If you have a project designed to create instructional materials or is otherwise directly related to instruction, it's eligible as long as any copyright questions have been addressed.

For help with personal or commercial projects, please meet with Learning Services to learn about other options for assistance.

How long does it take?

Not long. Turnaround time for most requests is 2-3 business days, often faster.

What about copyright?

Copyright is indeed an important consideration in creating multimedia services. Learning Services staff will follow U.S. copyright law when providing multimedia creation services.

If you have questions about the copyright implications of your project, a good place to find answers is the Copyright section of For additional specific questions, please consult with Glenn Pillsbury.

Requests for conversion of DVD or VHS content for online streaming will be handled according to the Guidelines for the Conversion of Videos for Online Streaming.


Please contact Glenn Pillsbury to discuss your project.