Instructional Technology Workshops & Training

We provide group workshops and presentations; and personal, one-on-one support and training to assist you with learning design and technology.

The Faculty Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (FCETL) cosponsors the workshops, held at the John Stuart Rogers Faculty Development Center (FDC - Building 30).

See FCETL Workshops for the full schedule.

Blackboard Workshops

Monday & Thursday, 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday, 11:00 am - 12:00 noon  
FDC 103

RSVP to Bob for each session you wish to attend.  

Getting Started and Beyond

  • Orientation
  • Exporation
  • Evaluation
  • Calculation
  • Instrumentation

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Stan State Faculty Tutorials

Technology & Instructional Design Training

Contact Glenn Pillsbury for consultation and training on any of the following topics:

Introduction to VoiceThread Presentations
CSU Stanislaus faculty and staff are eligible to take advantage of a campus license for VoiceThread, an exciting new tool that lets you and your students communicate about course content naturally via voice and video. Think of VoiceThread as a richer alternative to discussion forums for when you want students to engage with specific images or other media. Or, use VoiceThread as a lecture tool in an online class and let your students ask questions right at the spot where they need help.

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Video Production 101: Engage students with User-Generated Video
Learn a number of ways to incorporate user-generated video into your classes, whether online, hybrid, or even face-to-face. From creating online lectures with all the bells and whistles to simple weekly updates via "talking head" webcam videos, to more personal feedback on assignments and other course material, using video goes a long way toward humanizing the online course experience. And it's easy (and free) to get started! Learn what to do, and what to avoid!

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Introduction to Moodle Course Web Sites
Moodle is an alternative to Blackboard that is available to Stan State instructors. Moodle offers a similar set of features to Blackboard, but it lets you present course materials and assignments in a variety of layouts, such as a Facebook-like "wall," as well as offering some features not found in Blackboard. Moodle is currently being used by nearly half of the CSU campuses, and OIT offers Moodle sites and training to any instructor interested in trying it out.

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Introduction to Zoom Web Meetings
Zoom is a new tool available to faculty, staff, and students for web-based presentations and meetings. Use Zoom for online office hours, synchronous presentations in an online or hybrid course, or departmental meetings and other university business where presentations are given.

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Introduction to Camtasia Screen Recordings
CSU Stanislaus faculty and staff are eligible to take advantage of the campus site license for Camtasia, an easy-to-use screen-recording application that is available for Mac and Windows. Learn the basics of using Camtasia to record PowerPoint lectures and other instructional content, as well as how to distribute the lectures to students via Blackboard or Moodle.

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QLT Lite: 10 Steps to Building a Great Online Course
The Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) course design rubric is being used throughout the CSU system to help faculty develop online courses according to a set of established best practices. While QLT normally consists of 58 design objectives, we'll distill that list into 10 of the most important and easiest to implement starting points to help you create an engaging online course right now.

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... By Special Request

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