Dropbox for Stanislaus State

Dropbox for Stanislaus State is available for full-time faculty and staff that are recipients of new computers through the President's replacement program. Dropbox is a simple file management tool that provides easy access to storage in the cloud, secure online file sharing, and simple to use collaboration features. With Dropbox your cloud storage is secure. 

What is Dropbox for Stanislaus State?

  • Your Dropbox for Stanislaus State account is a service provided by the campus to make file storage and access easier than ever. Your campus Dropbox account is administered by the campus and is intended for campus documents only.

How do I Join Dropbox for Stanislaus State?

  • You will be invited to join Dropbox by your campus administrator. When you receive the email invitation simply click on the button to 'Join Your Team', then follow the installation instructions.

Dropbox for Stanislaus State Terms & Conditions

  • You will be asked to agree to the Dropbox Terms & Conditions during installation of Dropbox. Please read the Terms & Conditions so you'll be aware of the types of files that can be stored in your campus account.

About Cloud Storage

Questions About Dropbox for Stanislaus State

Q: May I Store Personal Files in My Dropbox for Stanislaus State Account?

A: Your campus Dropbox account is intended for University-related document. For this reason you should only store work-related information in your campus Dropbox account.

Training Resources for Your Campus Dropbox Account

  • Dropbox for Business Training Video

Sign-In to Lynda.com is required for these training videos. Single videos or complete courses are available with your campus Lynda.com account.

Contact OIT

For more information, or for assistance with a replacement computer, please contact the Technology Support Desk:

Email: TechSupport@csustan.edu

Phone: (209) 667-3687

In-Person: First floor of the library, Rm. L150 (See Library Map)