Download and Configure Zoom Client

Zoom Desktop Client

This page contains step-by-step instructions for downloading and configuring the Zoom desktop client software.

1. Download Zoom Client for Mac, Windows, Linux:
»»» Go to the Zoom download page 

Download Zoom image

2. Launch the Zoom client and click "Sign In"

Zoom sign-in screen

3. Click the "Login with SSO" button (Single-Sign-On)

Note: Do not fill out the login form on this screen!

Choose the Login with SSO option

4. Enter the SSO URL

You may see one of the following options:

Option 1: Enter csustan if prompted, to complete the given URL

Dialog box for entering SSO domain

Option 2: Enter the full URL if prompted: (copy and paste to ensure accuracy)


Note: This only needs to be done the first time you login to Zoom.

Click "Continue" after you enter the SSO URL.

5. Enter your Warrior username and password

Warrior Sign In screen

6. Return to the Zoom client and start an instant meeting!

Note: Click the "Schedule" icon if you want to schedule a meeting in the future and invite attendees.

Zoom client interface

7. Once in your meeting, click "Invite+" to invite others

Note: Attendees will receive an email with a link to your meeting. Zoom will automatically download and install for new users.

Zoom toolbar icons

8. Add a picture and configure other user profile settings

Profile LInk

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