Collaborate Web Conferencing

Collaborate Web Conferencing

Collaborate is an online meeting and conferencing service. Users create virtual meeting rooms and set a starting and ending date for the room's availability. Then, participants join the room whenever a session needs to be held by clicking on a link that has been posted by the owner on Blackboard or sent out via email.

The owner of a room typically uploads a variety of multimedia content into the session in order to give a presentation. Users can use USB mics and webcams, in addition to chat, to communicate during a session. Sessions can be recorded for later access as well.

Use Collaborate when you want to:

  • Give a lecture or hold real-time online office hours at a scheduled time
  • Present a departmental event, such as an invited speaker, without the need for attendees to be physically in the same room as the speaker.
  • Conduct other University meetings and business

How to use Collaborate:

For questions or assistance using Collaborate, please contact Glenn Pillsbury (


Download the Collaborate Introduction & Handbook