Clicker Pedagogy & Resources

What's a Clicker?

"Clicker" is the common name for a small physical device students use in class to answer discussion prompts and other questions. Typically the questions are multiple-choice questions shown on a PowerPoint slide. The students aim their clickers at the instructor's receiver station and press a key on the device that corresponds to their answer choice. While "clicker questions" during class are often of a survey type, the instructor's receiver can also funnel students' answers into the course gradebook, making clickers useful for collecting student work, taking attendance, etc. Pedagogically, clickers, when used well, are a great way to stimulate student engagement in large lecture classes.

Using Clickers in the Classroom

Study: Clickers are the right answer for college lectures

Tips for Successful Clicker Use (PDF)
Dr. Douglas Duncan, University of Colorado, 2009

7 Things you should know about clickers (PDF)
Educause Learning Initiative

Case Stories
Texas Faculty Development Network (MERLOT/Elixr)

  • Audience Response Systems Theme
  • Enhancing Team Learning
  • Engaging Students
  • Gauging Student Readiness

Classroom Response Systems Resources put together by the Center for Teaching at Vanderbilt University

i>clicker Downloads & Resources

i>clicker is the standard clicker system at CSU Stanislaus (see below). OIT has i>clicker integration working with both Blackboard and Moodle so instructors can automatically sync their course rosters and clicker grades between the i>clicker software and the Blackboard and Moodle grade books.

Download i>clicker software for Mac and Windows

Integrate i>clicker with Blackboard and Moodle

The following download links contain an additional file that will enable you to sync your Blackboard or Moodle course roster with the clicker data and grades in i>clicker. This file needs to be copied into the Resources directory of your existing i>clicker software. Please read the included Read Me First document and refer to the included User Guide for information about setting up the integration.  Note: i>clicker 7 required!

Click the "Download" link that corresponds to the operating system you run i>clicker on and the course website system you are using:

  Blackboard Moodle
Mac & Windows Download (2.7 MB) Download (1.0 MB)

Support Resources

Campus Clicker Standardization Documents

Following a resolution by the statewide Assocated Students, the 23 CSU campuses have each been asked by the CO to address the question of arriving at a standard clicker deployment for their campus. After studying this question throughout the 2011-2012 year, the Technology and Learning Subcommittee of UEPC at CSU Stanislaus recommended the campus standardize on i>clicker's system. This recommendation was approved by the Academic Senate in November 2012.