Blackboard Learn Migration to SaaS (cloud)

Blackboard logo moving to a cloudOver the coming Winter Break, Stanislaus State is updating Blackboard Learn from being hosted to Blackboard, Inc’s. more robust cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery method.  See below for the anticipated timeline of the migration.

This will be a full migration of data.  All existing courses, content, users, and records will move to SaaS.  During the several days of the migration process, Bb will be unavailable to all Stan State users.  However, after the migration, we will see faster, less disruptive updates, as well as quick access to new features and enhancements.   For users, Bb Learn on SaaS will be the same as it is now.  This is not a move to Bb Ultra, only to a new service.  Bb will look and feel the same as it does now.

Following the migration, all students, faculty, and staff will continue to access Blackboard as usual. Continue to access Blackboard using either of the methods currently in use: 1) or 2)

Below you will find a list of additional benefits as well as a timeline for the project.

SaaS Enhancements and Improvements

Zero-Downtime Updates: After the migration, there will be no or little interruption to campus for updates or modifications.  We will not need to wait for calendar breaks or have special maintenance scheduled.  Less downtime means fewer interruptions for you, your students, and your courses!

Improved Maintenance: SaaS lets Blackboard deliver maintenance, fixes, enhancements, and new features faster than ever. This means that if a Bb tool needs attention, it will be resolved faster, as the solution is released.

New Features, Sooner: This also means that when Bb releases new functions or new tools, we will have access to them right away, helping us keep pace with the latest enhancements.

Less-Disruptive Change Management: More frequent, modest releases allow for easier change management. By releasing updates, upgrades, new features, and bug fixes throughout the year as they are released, we can count on subtle, easier-to-manage changes occurring over time. Ultimately, this can result in fewer disruptions to the teaching and learning experience.

To learn more, please visit this Blackboard SaaS help page.

Migration Timeline

  • November 1 - December 10, 2019: UAT
  • December 11, 2019:  Go-no-go call
  • December 24 @ 11:59 pm: Access to current Blackboard system disabled
  • December 26-30, 2019: Migration occurs
  • December 31, 2019: Instructor and student access restored on new SaaS system