Team Highlights

Eduroam - Outdoor and Parking Lot Internet Access on Campus

Access to the wireless network on campus is available in some outdoor spaces. Because all CSU campuses participate in eduroam, students, faculty and staff from any CSU campus can log into the wireless network using their normal home campus login and password. To see a map of where you can find the wireless locations see this page.

Early Testing

No one could have foreseen a global pandemic impacting higher education, but the smoke closure of 2018 required a rapid response and we successfully maintained operations during the emergency closure. This experience gave us an understanding of how interruptions to business operations can happen at any time. Long before we knew about COVID-19, Stan State’s Office of Information Technology had updated our Business Continuity Plan, cross-trained staff, established redundancy in systems and support and envisioned how we could apply an innovative response to Client Services. We began contingency planning for COVID-19 very early by setting up remote work locations, testing equipment, connections and our ability to perform essential functions. We created a standard test for technology support staff to complete and with documented outcomes and shortfalls. By early March, when the campus began to shift the workforce to telecommuting and move classes into mediated learning, OIT’s Client Services was prepared. We responded to the crisis by demonstrating that we could support the heavy lift necessary to help the campus fulfill our mission and obligations to our students.  Here are details of some of our efforts. 

Telepresence Robots

OIT's Telepresence Robot Project was the result of a CSU Innovation Grant in 2018. The goal of the project was to determine if this technology could improve student's engagement in the course while attending from a remote location. The project found a measurable impact in student engagement. An unexpected benefit of having the DoubleBot robots was the opportunity they presented for engagement with the campus. We featured the robots at our Annual Tech Fair in 2018 and we were invited to participate in Stan State’s Annual Science Day. OIT hosted several interactive tables at the event including a Robot Rodeo for interacting and hands-on piloting for more than 3,000 attendees. We partnered with students from the Computer Science Club to welcome families to learn more about technology at Stanislaus State. The robots were dubbed OIT's Cool Tech and have opened the door for many outreach activities.  

Equipment Checkouts

Our equipment checkout inventory and processes required rapid upgrades to meet the needs of the campus during the pandemic. Prior to March 2020, our equipment reservations were managed with a spreadsheet and approximately 50 items in inventory. With the emergence of the pandemic, we very quickly implemented a new checkout system – Cheqroom – and increased our inventory to over 1,550 items. This list is still expanding as we offer laptops, Chromebooks, hotspots, document cameras and many more items to students, staff and faculty. We developed metrics and reporting to manage the high volume and rapid distribution using social distancing guidelines, PPE and a well-managed distribution process.  

New Student Orientation

With Stan State’s New Student Orientation (NSO) presented in an unprecedented remote format, OIT supported the Office of Student Leadership and Development in implementing both Zoom and Whova platforms to deliver the feel of an in-person experience in a virtual format for incoming first-year and transfer students. The virtual NSO offered nine different sessions, including a session customized for transfer students at the University’s Stockton Campus. 

To create an experience that was personal and engaging, OIT supported features for the NSO sessions that included face-to-face video interaction with staff, faculty, and other students; breakout rooms for students to meet-up with orientation leaders as well as access advising from faculty. Faculty advisors for every major were represented at each session. 

Students were also able to ask questions directly to staff regarding resources related to the Academic Success Center, Admissions/Enrollment Services, EOP, Honors Program, Financial Aid, and Information Technology. 

Challenges and Solutions:

  • Having hundreds of students, all online in a video conferencing format
    • Staff were trained and went through mock sessions
    • Conducted outreach to students prior to their orientation session through orientation leaders and through informational and instructional emails
    • Set agenda and step-by-step instructions/announcements
  • Not all students had access to adequate technology
    • Hotspots and laptops available for checkout
  • Students were not familiar with technology
    • Instructions sent out to students prior to their orienation session for testing and practice
    • Technology support available to help with questions/concerns

Benefit to Students

  • Experience a first-hand introduction to the University
  • Gain familiarity with campus departments/organizations
  • Meet faculty and studentsfrom their major/area of study
  • Get their first semester classes scheduled
  • Get introduced to technology that they will likely use for classes

Zoom Assistant Program

The Zoom assistant program was launched to support our faculty, staff and students across both the Turlock and Stockton campuses. 

What: Zoom Technical User Support

  • OIT is offering Zoom in classroom support, along with direct dial in Zoom support and training to support all our end users for successful Zoom video teleconferences, meeting support and classroom support. 

How: Direct Dial and Support Ticket Request

  • Direct Dial Zoom Support: 1-209-667-3687 “Option 1”
  • Scheduled Zoom Support:
    • Training or Classroom Support
  • OIT Classroom Support Team Pilot 

Uniqueness of the project:

  • No break in service support to summer classroom sessions due to the unprecedented pandemic
  • Continued business as usual with New Student Orientation
  • Ramped up support

Hurdles the project overame:

  • Zoom call Center Creation Hotline
  • Surge in Zoom support
  • Scheduling Training
  • Responding Time

Benefits to the campus:

  • Critical & Continued User Support
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Distance Learning
    • Webinar Support
    • Live Support