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Congratulations to the award winners of the 33rd Annual Stan State Student Research Competition, held March 8, 2019!

At this competition, 26 students presented their research and creative projects to a panel of faculty jurors, student peers, faculty mentors, friends and family in five separate sessions based on discipline and topic.


2019 Event Schedule

Students competed for monetary awards for top presenters in each category, as well as for the honor of being nominated to represent our university at the 33rd CSU Annual Statewide Student Research Competition, held at CSU Fullerton on April 26 -27, 2019.

Thanks to all of the students who participated and the faculty mentors who supported them. Our congratulations to the following outstanding presenters:

Campus Winners

Undergraduate Arts & Humanities Session 1
1st Place – Nathan Wilke, English - Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Anthony Perrello
2nd Place (tied) – Stephanie Jacinto, Art History– Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Staci Gem Scheiwiller
                          – Silvia Wall, Liberal Studies/Philosophy – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Andy Young

Social Sciences Session 2
1st  Place – Alyssa Dye, Psychology (MA) – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Kurt Baker
2nd  Place – Nora Garcia, Psychology– Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Anita Pedersen-Pennock

Natural & Physical Sciences Session 3

1st Place – Patricia Ayson, Chemistry – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Michael Drake

2nd Place –  Jose Godinez, Chemistry– Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Elvin A. Alemán

3rd Place –  Onkar Phul & Owen Roth, Chemistry – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Gonul Schara

Natural & Physical Sciences Session 4
1st Place – Germán Silva, Geography – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Alison McNally

2nd Place - Kandiss Ulm, Ecology & Sustainability (MS) - Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Jennifer Cooper

Graduate Arts & Humanities Session 5
1st Place – Jacklyn Heslop, English – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Matthew Moberly
2nd Place –  Danae Zevely, English – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Molly Crumpton-Winter
3rd Place – Heather Simmons, English – Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Anthony Perrello

Statewide Research Competition Delegates

Patricia Ayson, Chemistry (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Michael Drake)

Alyssa Dye, Psychology (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Kurt Baker)

Jose Godínez, Chemistry (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Elvin A. Alemán)

Jacklyn Heslop, English (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Matthew Moberly)

Stephanie Jacinto, Art History (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Staci Gem Scheiwiller)

Onkar Phul & Owen Roth, Chemistry (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Gonul Schara)

Germán Silva, Geography (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Alison McNally)

Heather Simmons, English (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Anthony Perrello)

Nathan Wilke, English (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Anthony Perrello)

Danae Zevely, English (Faculty Sponsor, Dr. Molly Crumpton-Winter)

Competition Judges

Special thanks to the faculty judges for their invaluable contributions – asking thoughtful critical questions, requiring the competitors to be sharp and to rise to the occasion, and making tough decisions in deliberation. Without them, the Student Research Competition would not be possible.

Dr. Sevaughn Banks, Social Work

Dr. Paula Barrington-Schmidt, English

Dr. Debra Bukko, Education

Dr. Sarah Chan, Music

Dr. José R. Díaz-Garayúa, Geography

Dr. Monica Flores, English

Dr. Sandra Garcia Sanborn, Modern Languages

Dr. Laurissa Hamilton, Biological Sciences

Dr. John Kincaid, Sociology

Dr. Victor Luevano, Psychology

Dr. Mirta Maldonado, English

Dr. Shane Phillips, Chemistry

Dr. Koni Stone, Chemistry