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Why Study Abroad?

A global perspective and cross-cultural competence are crucial for success in today's world. Studying abroad will enrich your life in many ways:

  • You will enhance your Stanislaus State education by adding a new, international perspective to your studies. You will understand the international dimensions of your field.
  • You will multiply your career options. Your international experience will give you a strong professional advantage. The world's most successful businesses are looking for people who have international experience.
  • You will develop first-hand knowledge of other societies and cultures.
  • You will improve your foreign language abilities.
  • You will broaden your perspective on U.S. society and yourself.
  • You will experience amazing personal growth, especially in the areas of independence and self-confidence.
  • Still wondering why?  Check out this article by Forbes!

Think you can't afford it? Think again!

Many program costs are comparable to the costs of studying at Stanislaus State. Financial aid applies.

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