Graduate Assessment

Six Graduate Student Learning Goals

In 2002, the Graduate Council developed and approved six general student learning goals. Many graduate programs currently shape their stated student learning objectives around these Graduate School learning goals, providing a close alignment between program and university objectives.

  1. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, and values appropriate to the discipline.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to be creative, analytical, and critical thinkers.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to work as individual researchers/scholars as well as in collaboration with others in contributing to the scholarship of their disciplines, as appropriate
  4. Students will demonstrate relevant knowledge of the global perspectives appropriate to the discipline
  5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of new and various methods and technologies as appropriate to the discipline
  6. Students will be required to demonstrate advanced oral and written communication skills, complemented, as appropriate to the discipline, by the ability to access and analyze information from a myriad of primary, print, and technological sources.

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Graduate Assessment Plan and Report

Graduate Assessment Plan

Graduate Assessment Report