Core Competencies FLCs

Core Competencies Faculty Learning Communities

Stanislaus State has established Institutional Learning Goals (ILGs) that define expectation for graduates. Embedded in these ILGs are six core competencies: Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Quantitative Reasoning, and Civic Engagement. Stanislaus State has dedicated six faculty learning communities (FLCs) to develop strategies for the assessment of these six competencies at or near graduation and the introduction and development of the competencies throughout the curriculum. As resources are posted, development opportunities will be made available to discuss incorporation of strategies into course activities and course- and program-level assessment.

Each FLC is responsible for leading and facilitating a broad-based discussion on their respective competency. For their respective areas, each FLC was tasked with working toward the following charge, established in consultation with the Senate Executive Committee in Spring 2017:

  • Defining the competency;
  • Recommending an institutional standard of performance for the competency at or near graduation that is appropriately ambitious;
  • Identifying assessment measures for the competency that will demonstrate the extent to which students’ performance meets the institution’s standard of performance;
  • Reporting to Academic Senate and other stakeholders, including plans for areas where improvement is needed (including criteria, timeline, and metrics for judging progress); and
  • Encouraging integration of the competency into the curriculum through professional development activities designed, developed, and facilitated by the FLC (these activities may take a variety of forms).

Core Competencies

Each FLC is comprised of six faculty members – one from each college and a Facilitator.The following are the six Core Competencies FLCs:

Core Competency Workgroup

The Core Competency FLC facilitators meet monthly as a Core Competency workgroup, co-lead by the Information Literacy FLC facilitator and the Assessment Specialist. At these meeting, facilitators share status updates and best practices. 

Core Competency Workgroup Agendas

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