Assessment Mentors 2012/13-2013/14

Assessment Mentors 2012/13-2013/14

Dr. Karen Hartman

Dr. Hartman is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies. Dr. Hartman has served as Chair of her department's assessment committee and has successfully written and submitted annual reports on behalf of her department. Dr. Hartman's assessment areas of interest include developing student learning outcomes, collecting and interpreting assessment findings, and writing annual reports.

Dr. Lynn Johnson

Dr. Johnson is a professor in the College of Business Administration where she has coordinated undergraduate assessment since 2003. She participated in the first WASC Assessment Leadership Academy during 2010-11 and served as the University's Faculty Coordinator of Assessment of Student Learning in 2009-2011.

Dr. Keith Nainby

Dr. Nainby is an associate professor in the Department of Communication Studies. He has been involved in program assessment at CSU Stanislaus for more than six years and has served as Program Assessment Coordinator, College Assessment Leadership Team representative, Assessment Facilitator, and Chair and member of the Assessment of Student Learning subcommittee. Dr. Nainby has also participated in GE assessment and has consulted for departments on campus as a Focus Group Facilitator for assessment activities. Dr. Nainby's assessment areas of interest include qualitative direct assessment (such as the development of rubrics) and qualitative indirect assessment (such as focus groups).

Dr. John Wittman

Dr. Wittman has served as a writing program director at two universities, and has had the opportunity to conduct numerous assessment research projects on student literacy, pedagogy, workload issues, and others. He has also worked as an assessment consultant both on campus and regionally. During his time at CSU Stanislaus, Dr. Wittman has been involved in research on the methods of assessment as well as delving into assessment's history and evolution in the academy. Dr. Wittman's assessment areas of interest are aligning outcomes and assessment processes, developing rubrics, finding and defining embedded assessment, and incorporating qualitative research methods.

Dr. Andy Young

Dr. Young served as the Founding Director of the Faculty Development Center (1998-2002) and helped to draft the CSU Stanislaus Principles of Assessment. He served as the Philosophy Department€™s Program Assessment Coordinator from 2005-2008 and currently serves as the department€™s assessment coordinator. Dr. Young has experience writing program annual reports as well as Academic Program Reviews. Dr. Young is interested in helping departments find ways to explore genuine questions about educational practices, including but not limited to the possible utilization of current assessment data in new ways, along with the development of new measures.