For Students: Building VoiceThread Presentations

This page presents a range of information related to creating VoiceThread presentations for your classes.  Obviously, every assignment will be different, but the basic usage of VoiceThread should be the same.

A sample VoiceThread

Login to VoiceThread

To login, go to and click the "Sign in" link in the upper right.Sign in

Getting Started Tips

  • Brainstorm what you plan to say and begin gathering materials that will will part of the presentation.
  • It's easy to design visual presentation material first in PowerPoint (or Google Presentations), so consider starting there. IMPORTANT: PowerPoint slides must not simply be a script for your narration!
  • You can use YouTube videos or videos that you have stored on your computer on slides.
  • Consider adding a discussion question to use as the final slide in your presentation.
  • When you are finished with PowerPoint, save the file as a PDF.  You will upload that PDF into VoiceThread, and each page of the PDF will be placed on a corresponding slide in VoiceThread.
  • Write out a narration script for the presentation. Seriously. Don't wing it.

Tips for Building Your VoiceThread and Recording Narration

  • After uploading your first item into VoiceThread, you will be prompted to save your VoiceThread and give it a name.
    • Important: Name your presentation as directed by your instructor.
  • It is advisable that you upload all of your materials and arrange your slides first (drag the slides to reorder them) before starting to record your narration comments.
  • Continue to refine and edit your narration script as necessary.
  • You do not need to record a video comment for all slides, though you should do one for the first slide. Be sure the light in the room is in front of you! Audio comments are perfectly fine for the other slides.
  • Read your script as though you were talking to someone in-person. "Perform" the script with your voice inflection and tone. Have fun!
  • Keep your narration to less than 2 minutes per slide. Consider adding/inserting an additional slide if some part of your script seems too long for a single slide.
  • Remember, you can always delete a comment and record it again if you don't like it.  No one will know!
  • You can always add additional content and rearrange slides, even after you've started commenting.
    • Click the "hamburger" menu in the upper left corner and choose "Edit" to add new slides.

Adding a Video to a VoiceThread Presentation

  • Important: Do not embed a video file into a PowerPoint project for use in VoiceThread.  The video will not transfer to VoiceThread at all. Instead, add the video file as its own slide in VoiceThread. 
  • YouTube videos can be added! Here's how:
    1. Find the video you want to use on YouTube.
    2. Copy the video's URL.
    3. Return to VoiceThread and choose the "URL" option from the Add Media tool as the source for the media.
    4. Paste the YouTube URL into the URL field in VoiceThread.  The video will be downloaded from YouTube and placed onto a new slide in VoiceThread.
  • Video materials used in your presentation should be short (less than 60 seconds), and you should record a comment on the slide with the video to provide context for your viewers about why you're showing it to them.

Pause and Resume Building Your Project

You do not need to build, record, and submit your project in one setting. VoiceThread will save automatically as you go, so you can quit your browser at any time without losing your work.

Pausing your work:

  1. Quit your web browser or close the open VoiceThread tab.  There is no need to "save" anything.
  2. There is no step 2.

Resuming your work:

  1. Click the final presentation assignment link in your course again.
  2. When your list of VoiceThreads appears, click the project you wish to work on.
  3. Click the blue "Preview" link beneath the description of the VoiceThread.
  4. When the VoiceThread opens in a new tab, you can resume creation:
    • Record more comments on any slide by navigating to the slide you want
    • Add more media/slides by clicking the "show all slides" icon in the bottom right and then clicking the large "+" icon.
  5. Finished? Simply close the tab on your browser to go back to your main VoiceThread account page.

You can quit and resume as often as you need to without fear of losing any work.  Repeat the steps above each time you want to work on your project.

Finishing, Submitting, & Sharing Your Presentation

Option 1: If your assignment has a VoiceThread link in the Canvas course, click that link to submit your presentation.

  • Click the blue "Submit assignment" button to turn in the project.
  • Important: If instructed, check the box for "And share with class" so that your classmates can view it and participate as necessary.

Option 2: If you are instructed to submit the URL of your presentation, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Sharing area of the presentation
  2. Get the Basic sharing link for the presentation
  3. Copy and paste that link into the Canvas assignment submission area.

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