Remote Technical & Instructional Support

This page presents information for instructors regarding maintaining instructional continuity of classes in case of a physical campus closure or individual quarantine related to the spread of COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus).

Where Can I Get Technical Support?

Where Can I Get Instructional Support?

What Tool Can I Use For Live Courses, Office Hours, & Advising?

Zoom will handle live web conferencing of courses.

What About Tools For Asynchronous Instruction?


Additional Tools

What Workshops & Webinars Are Available?

Note: all workshops will take place online, remotely, via Zoom.  

We will be hosting Instructional Continuity Workshops for Blackboard, Zoom and other topics Online through Zoom Web Conferencing. 

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Please view the Faculty Resources page for more information.

Also, see Continuity of Instruction FAQs