Online Pedagogy: Frequently Asked Questions

» What is the instructor's role in an online course?

» How can I tell if my online course is well-designed?

» How much work is involved in creating and running an online course?

» What do students do in an online course?

» Will my class meet at a single time or is the class unscheduled?

» How do I "lecture" in an online environment?

» So, what about PowerPoint?

» Can I use videos in my online class?

» Is it a copyright infringement to use YouTube clips in my online class?

» How can I help the students to create an active learning community?

» What about assessment and tests?

» Aren't students just going to cheat if I give them online exams?

» How do I collect assignments or homework?

» Where can I get help with creating an online course or designing course content?