OAT Tech Tip: Randomize/Shuffle questions in a Canvas "classic" quiz

Canvas logoUnlike Blackboard, the "classic" Canvas quiz tool does not have a checkbox to easily shuffle the existing questions of a quiz.  In Canvas, you must create a Question Group on the Questions page of the quiz and add questions to the group.  The group can be linked to an existing question bank or questions can be added by hand into the group.  In either situation, when a student attempts the quiz, the Group will display the questions it contains in a random/shuffled order.  A Group can also be configured to show a random subset of the questions it contains.  Finally, questions that are already in the quiz can be added to a Group by dragging and dropping the question into the Group.

Additional support document: How do I create a quiz with a question group to randomize quiz questions?

New Quizzes migration warning

Shuffling questions is handled differently in New Quizzes. Unlike the Classic quiz tool, New Quizzes has a simple setting to enable shuffling/randomization of questions that are not part of a question bank. More info.  New Quizzes will gradually replace the Classic quiz tool beginning July 1, 2022.

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