Mediasite Streaming

What is Mediasite?

Mediasite is Stanislaus State's content streaming service. Mediasite streams audio, video, and display content, such as PowerPoint slides included in a presentation. Mediasite is used by the campus in a number of ways:

  • Recording or capturing the audio and video of lectures and other presentations for later viewing
  • Live broadcasting of campus events over the Internet
  • Storage and delivery of large multimedia instructional materials, such as video clips and audio files used by individual courses

Mediasite capture systems are currently installed in seven classrooms on campus: DBH146, DBH164, DBH165, DBH166, DBH167, N112, and S207, with additional classrooms under consideration. These classrooms can be scheduled to capture lectures regularly throughout the semester.  OIT also has a portable Mediasite unit that can be set up in any campus room or faculty office for on-demand recording.

Contact and Support

For all questions about using Mediasite, please contact Jerry Anderson, (209) 667-3171 or email.