Accessibility Champions

The Accessibility Champions program is a chance for us to recognize accessibility heroes and to help other faculty improve the accessibility of their courses. We want to create a network of empathy, both towards students who benefit from universal design and accessible course materials, and towards faculty who provide those materials.

What do Accessibility Champions Do?

  1. Provide feedback for accessibility/Ally resources (e.g., Accessibility 101 course)
  2. Attend monthly meetings (<1 hour each) with OAT
  3. Facilitate accessibility workshops or presentations (e.g., department, OAT institute)
  4. Serve as a continuous point of contact for accessibility/Ally for other instructors
  5. Send outreach messages to the college (templates provided by OAT)
  6. Send files to Ally remediation team each semester
  7. Achieve Ally course score of 85%+ for at least one course
  8. Nominate future Accessibility Champions!

What do Champions get?

This program is incredibly important to us. We believe that all students deserve an equal shot at success no matter what. To this end, OAT will support you in many ways:

  • Up to a $1,000 stipend – funded by the Office of Academic Technology (OAT)
    • $500 – Upon achieving an 85%+ Ally score for a single course
    • $500 – Upon completing all of the following deliverables:
      • Contributing to development of accessibility/Ally resources
      • Attending monthly meetings
      • Facilitating at least one workshop or department presentation
      • Sending outreach messages to college or department
      • Sending files to the OAT Ally remediation team each semester
      • Nominating future Accessibility Champions from your college
  • Recognition via university outlets (e.g., OAT Update/Stan News/OAT newsletter). Plus, this is a University level service opportunity.

Who is eligible?

Both full-time faculty or part-time faculty with a one-year contract who can commit to the program for the academic year. Champions need to teach at least one course in the academic year as online, hybrid, or web-assisted. Champions also need to be enthusiastic Canvas Users!

Accessibility Champions

Cohort 1 (Spring/Fall '21)

  • Betsy Eudey, Gender Studies
  • Brittany Desnoyer, Teacher Education
  • Cassandra Drake, Liberal Studies
  • Kanwaljit Dulai, Biological Sciences
  • Karen Webster, Teacher Education
  • Karen Zandarski, English