Course Structure and Navigation

Creating the structure and flow for your course can seriously up its ease of use.  Modules, Text Headers, a Homepage, and Course Navigation can all help.

Adding and Renaming Modules

Use Modules to help structure your course content into units, chapters, modules, or weeks. Create an extra module to house items related to a project or other major component of your course.

How do I use the Modules Index Page?

How do I add a module?

How do I edit a module?

Using Text Headers for Module Structure

Within a Module, Text Headers can help bring a student's attention to specific assignments, activities, or content.

How do I add a text header as a module item?

Choosing a Homepage

By default, the Modules View of the course acts as the Homepage for your course. Choose to customize the look of your course by creating a new Content Page, then setting it as the Course Homepage.

How do I use the Course Home Page as an instructor?

How do I change the Course Home Page?

Setting Course Navigation Items

It's unlikely you'll use every facet of your Canvas course. Hide the unused areas of your course to avoid student confusion.

How do I use the Course Navigation Menu as an instructor?

How do I manage Course Navigation links?

How do I add a custom link to the Course Navigation?

Information on this page is adapted from content created by the Center for Effective Teaching and Learning at Cal State L.A.